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Added: 13.09.2005
Full Case
Owner: Jipa
Country: Finland

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Well.. Here's servercase I modified. Nothing special except peltier-colacooler and 360degree turning webcam-mount. harhar.

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Rating: 3.38 - Votes: 87

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NewToni15.03.2010 20:26
i like it (Y)

Jipa11.11.2006 22:23
Sivujen pellitys ois tullu sikamaisen kalliiksi ku pinta-alaa on rutkasti, enkä edes usko että se näyttäis hyvältä.. Etulevyssäkään ei ole käytetty peltiä vaan muovijäljitelmää jota saa ihan rullatavarana.

aaaatu09.09.2006 20:04
täkkipelti vielä noille isoillekki sivuille, nii 5 pistettä.. Tuollasenaan se 3..

Jipa22.01.2006 18:25
Sempätakia juuri vihreän valkkasin että kaikki muut värit on kulutettu puhki...

Modifyittiin en aatellu kirjottaa, ei sitä kuitenkaan kukaan lue ;) Servu oli.. hmm.. Compaq?

Jkk06.12.2005 13:10
Mikä kotelo toi on? serveri joo mut merkki? iso plussa väristä! ei aina oo se sama vanha sininen! otko aatellu tehä artikkelia tosta modauksesta

ahhaah18.09.2005 23:30

LOTTARO16.09.2005 19:30

Jipa15.09.2005 09:52
Kuitenkaan ei kelepais metkuseen kun kuvissa ei ole valkoista taustaa ja kuvauksesta puuttuu "the" ;)

Japala .:admin14.09.2005 23:39
Saa sitä metkuseenkin kirjoitella mutta senhän jo toki tiesitte :)

Cza14.09.2005 21:12
Edelleen yhtä hieno kun aina ;) Teeppäs tästä se artikkeli modifyitin puolelle.

Jipa14.09.2005 18:41
drinn: wiring job is already done ;) Or do you see some wiring in window? Wires have to be somewhere, sorry!

Slam: onko minijääkaappi kotelossa normaali? :(

Reserva: hyvä.

Reserva14.09.2005 16:28

Slam14.09.2005 14:41
No tuo on jo niin hieno et täytyy nostaa hattua. Muuten normi vehe mut toi webbikamera on mahtava......

drinn14.09.2005 13:52
Wiring job needed :)
That case was 3rd in Assembly'05, if I remember right?

Jipa14.09.2005 07:53
BlaZ3R: Is it? :o I dunno but thanks :)

It really is an monster with weight nearly 30kg...

Jipa14.09.2005 07:51
Mitsukai: I kinda is fashion thing as everyone has blue leds on their cases these days... They were new and cool thing 5 years ago when someone first changed his powerled to blue one. But that's it, back to the topic!

Do you happen to know how hard it is to polish an case in one day? I had really tight schedule with this case...
And L is because of the cables and optical drives etc. I don't really want to show all that crap to people. and that down-right-corner is hidden as there's peltier-stuff. three incerters and lots of wires!

Case has feets because peltier takes it's coolingair from the floor.. It has to have space between case and floor.

3/5 is all ok to me. Afterall this was third coolest case at Asm

BlaZ3R13.09.2005 23:43
WTF!!! really cool, thats straight from scifi movie, the great monster:)

Mitsukai13.09.2005 23:25
Tastes...someone likes blue...someone likes green!!personaly I like black and blue!!It's not a fashion's a taste thing!!

I like this case...but...I think the silver case could be polished to a mirrorlike case!!and the so much case to show...why only that L??because of the cables yes??always the same crap thinking that cables are crappy!!the case feet...what tha f...???!!!remove them...!!

3/5 because of the work involved...nothing else!!

NOPE13.09.2005 23:12

Jipa13.09.2005 23:04
That's what I think too. Blue IS OUT! ;) I saw way too many blue-lighted cases at Assembly'05...

Kammer13.09.2005 23:00
Cool and unique, also I like that green color, much better than the typical blue.

Jipa13.09.2005 22:44
double PSUs and two CCFLs. I changed that fugly red cable to black one.. looks nicer IMO.