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Added: 15.09.2005
Single case mods
Owner: equilerex
Country: Estonia

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Made 2 airholes in the front panel.

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Rating: 2.44 - Votes: 9

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ironsmiter22.02.2006 22:50
I LOVE the Tubeamp-look mod on the ethernet router(it's a router, right?). you shuld definately submit that as a seperate mod... It takes away from your fine job with the front panel mods on your case.

Any plans on switching the laser led lighting on the rightside for backlighting the case symbol? Looks awesom, and deserves to be more visible ;-)

Good lookin grill on those air holes. looks seemless.

equilerex19.09.2005 22:45
theyr just some old lamp kind of things from a tv with a led under each of them... not very practical butit just looks nice :)

Olli19.09.2005 22:22
Looks like tube decoration ;)

Ratman19.09.2005 00:41
Dont really get it :S

equilerex16.09.2005 12:56
@adam well i repainted the case with a car painting gun, changed the blue ccfl with red leds and made 2 airholes in the front and covered em with tuning mesh. o and the red tupes are my modem mod....

Bh42016.09.2005 11:31
what the hell is that thing with the tubes ?

Adam16.09.2005 08:39
what exactly did you do.. which picture