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Added: 17.09.2005
Full Case
Owner: Zealos
Country: Romania

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hy there. this is my modded case. i painted the whole case black and red. this is the theme i used to modd my whole sistem: monitor, mouse, keyboard, printer(comming soon ;). i rounded the cabels with normal wire tape. added a 70 mm tube, and an extra 80 mm fan for more procesor cooling; i moved the power, hdd activity, cd-rom and cd-rw leds and changed the colors: used blue for hdd and red for cd-rdom and cd-rw. stealth cr-rom and cd-rw. painted the high voltage sing on the left side, and cutted off the ligthing sing. added plexi glass to the back of sing and added 4 blue leds to ligth it up. also painted the PSU black and the cooler for the psu red. and one more thing: added a vu-meter on the extra floppy slot. enjoy! :) specs are:
AMD Duron 1.2 Ghz
256Mb DDR 266 Mhz
KOB KT 266A FSDX mother board
GeForce 2 Mx 400 @ 64 Mb video card
Maxor 30 GB hdd
LG cd-rw 52x/32x/52x
Samsung cd-rom 52x
Sony fdd
and a noname case ;)

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Rating: 2.91 - Votes: 32

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Tinmachine12.08.2006 14:15

whereami?19.04.2006 00:51
nice looking.
and paint is a mod. becaues its not stock right.

MastahModah26.09.2005 20:39
Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.
PAINTJOB isn't modding, its just a part of it.

loggerx26.09.2005 01:39
Quite nicely. I like such colours composition. IMHO blue leds should be replaced with red.

Rambooow19.09.2005 21:40
Nice paintjob dude (-:

*anonymous*19.09.2005 16:10