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Added: 21.09.2005
Mice, mousepads etc.
Owner: G-force
Country: USA

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This is my first mouse mod, and it came out pretty good. What I did was repaint the case, chrome silver, gold, and flat black. Then I cut a .45 bullet shell in half and put one half on each side of the mouse. Then I stuck a red LED in each half shell. Then hot glue was put on the end to spread the light out. I wired the LED's so that when you click the mouse button, the LED for that side lights up! It's almost like it's actually shooting!

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Rating: 3.32 - Votes: 135

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Wolf_modius17.04.2006 21:17
That is a wicked, I love the bullets on the side! so coolio!

mak15.02.2006 16:13
its at mouse mod is vote 3,55!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

penguin_boy18.11.2005 10:13
Look like warp nacelles! :D

seruius02.11.2005 04:34
dude... i was searching 4 some mod ideas 4 my oldskewl dell mouse i just found, and this popped up. this is crappinly awesome! just imagine this baby at LAN parties! this is just totally awesome. keep up the good work.

G-force27.09.2005 08:06
Thanks for the good marks guys! I used Rust-Oleum chrome, Rust oleum gold, and Rust-oleum flat black paint(I use Rust-oleum a lot:) It holds up pretty well. There are a few nichs/scratches but nothing you would really notice.
you can read more about it here:

TopCat26.09.2005 12:19
btw, what type of paint did u use for the mouse?
won't it wear off?

TopCat26.09.2005 12:18
Yeah, bet it gives unique feeling when playing in the dark shooters !


Bugi25.09.2005 23:16
Original idea and well done!
5 points from me!

Bunnyh23.09.2005 15:08
Thats real cool! 5/5

Mitsukai23.09.2005 01:57
Great idea...!!5/5 for the originality!

Adam22.09.2005 22:41
it's like a space ship!

darknite22.09.2005 21:17
love the idea of the leds in the bullets

*anonymous*22.09.2005 18:29
thats badass