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Added: 22.09.2005
Full Case
Owner: SlackerXL
Country: Greece

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My latest casemod is the MPC-01
you can view the full worklog at the foillowing address
hope you like it!

Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Rating: 3.34 - Votes: 188

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pillbox20.03.2006 13:18
This is tight dog! Awesome! 5/5

shadowwyvern01.10.2005 23:36
Did you actually shoot your window? If you didn't, it looks awesome, And if you did, well, it came out well :)
Nice looking wear, like the consistent green theme. Ammo box style handles are excellent.

SlackerXL30.09.2005 11:12
Thank you all for your feedback...
I'm glad that you liked this casemod...
I'll be back with a new project soon....

aaaatu28.09.2005 23:20
A lots of beautiful details, and the whole shit is beautiful. :O full 5 points.

Dre28.09.2005 21:50
Great mod looks real authentic! 5/5

drinn28.09.2005 17:00
Nice job! :)

oz27.09.2005 22:16
these cases are more than cool. these are fucking beautiful ;D 5/5

alloydog27.09.2005 11:41
that is, well, ... awsome!

maximyuryev27.09.2005 01:27

*anonymous*25.09.2005 02:40
meh luv it

OsQ23.09.2005 15:35
piece of art

Happless23.09.2005 15:06
Thats a work of art mate. Full marks for...well...everything

Rambooow23.09.2005 09:55
Wow, This shit is totaly cool. I give it a 5/5

RiQ23.09.2005 07:40
Very nice work, this recalls memories of good old "venttiseiska"...

Maybe I should start planning casemod around venttiseiska and sanla... ;-)

mojojo23.09.2005 05:10
nice armymod .... 5/5

i like...

Adam23.09.2005 04:13
very nice, bud

Mitsukai23.09.2005 01:54
Great job!!!but I still like more of the other military case (dont remember who made it)...that realy seems like a military device!!

Impossibel to do better than that!!sorry!!