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Added: 24.09.2005
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: Adam
Country: USA

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So this is my desk. "Self-built" computer, didn't make the case from scratch so i can't call it self made (w/o quatations.) Linksys WRT54G wireless router w/big white antennae..lets us get signal 2 apt. buildings over;) 5.1 Creative surround sound, stock Dell 720 printer, Dell Wireless keyboard/mouse (i've outgrown mouse pads...i can't stand them now. I NEED a big space even though sensitivity is usually very high...but w/e) Zen Micro 5GB on the desk. Blue lit Visor cradle, see my other mods, a "chili pepper" piece of art i made out of LEDs and glue sticks, some Mountain Biking trophies, sharpies, wrist-bands...Lamp behind the monitor gives a very subtle glow which is good for gaming, and then there is the other limp up high. That's it.

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Rating: 2.82 - Votes: 17

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bachan11408.01.2006 10:06
hey, nice work area, especially like the mouse!!(i have the same one)

emm125.09.2005 12:57
Nätti kun mikä