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Added: 25.09.2005
Game Consoles
Owner: Adam
Country: USA

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Okay, this is almost a repost. my XBOX had a brain aneurism so i had to take out the LEDs in the top and i think i got the problem fixed and i put in a blue cold cathode tube..a round on from a fan in there. perfect fit around the jewel

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nismo29905.07.2006 23:06
It would have been better if you actually did cut a circle...

adam01.04.2006 08:02
handsomdan, the lights are in the controller ports. I have another mod on this site with that little tidbit shown. It's very simple. At this point i'm not going to do anything else to my XBOX because the HDD is crappin' out. Every once'n a while it will just stop...i hit it and it starts bac up again. That can only last so long hahahah.

HandsomeDan31.03.2006 21:00
Like Collins said, file the edges smoother, also be careful of cathode ring's heat. They tend to get super hot in my experiences, the jewel acrylic can melt super easy.

Decent looking mod though. Great job!

Also; those lights, are they in or above the controller ports? You could get a power/eject light kit cheap to make it all match.

Still though, great work.

CollinstheClown25.10.2005 06:42
The hole could use a little filing and I say you put a nice sheet of white paper under it so that it will distrubute the light more evenly and so you wont see the components under the jewel. 3/5

nightmare06.10.2005 23:33
i like how you cut the hole for that jewel, looks nice!

Orbital01.10.2005 16:57
bloody xbox's :-< .

Adam29.09.2005 01:41
well it did when i uploaded the song, as soon as the file began to upload the HDD froze and then powered off and gave me that dreadful message in like 13 languages and told me an error #

Orbital28.09.2005 00:17
ok but a song wont cause the xbox to frag.

A27.09.2005 07:32
...what happened to positive comments... no, it was a software issue. i uploaded a song that was apparently corrupt, so once i deleted it everythign went back to normal.. what would happen is the HDD would just reboot like....constantly

Orbital27.09.2005 02:17
still looks crap.. maybe if you actually cut a circle.
if you had a problem with the LEDs it was probs to do with the anode leg facing down, so it was probs touching the case of the hdd or dvd drive-maybe.

Adam26.09.2005 17:10
That's a pretty vague statement

1x2efi1626.09.2005 11:12
that would be cool if you spend some time for finishing.