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Added: 26.09.2005
Single case mods
Owner: Delucard
Country: Finland

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eli tein Aopenin hq08 koteloon kattoon 2 120mm blowholea kuvio sahalla ja niitten alle hieman silpomalla koteloa ahdistin toyota carina II lämppärin kennon. ja reikien ympärille sähköjohdon kuorta. jouduin ottamaan pois powerin päällä olevan hdd kehikon että kenno mahtuu sisälle. tää on vielä vähän kesken mutta valmistuu pikkuhijlaa.

so i made 2 12cm blowholes in the roof with jigsaw and i allso fitted toyota carinas heater raidator to roof. i had to cut pretty much metal off so the radiator would go in. i had to remove allso 1 hdd rack to make space for the radiator. the case is in progress still...

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Rating: 2.06 - Votes: 18

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delucard16.10.2005 14:22
damn. don´t u understand some humour? this is rediculous....

JaguarXT01.10.2005 10:20
Dusk issues is the problems there.

Mitsukai01.10.2005 05:53
First of all...I didn't insult you!!So please...have a little respect!!

Second of all...i was just trying to find if that really works...if so...fine...congrats...nice mod!!...but I must tell exactly the same as 0!!you just circulate the air a bit...nothing else!!I made a notice to rethink your mod if the radiator was a piece of junk over there...but if it works...ok...keep up the good work...but I find that with it...46-39....without it and upper RPM with a couple of noiseblokers over there or should drop it from 46 to 32...maybe more!!

Deluca®rd27.09.2005 15:44
Sorry about the flooding. but for those who are confused, the radiator is used to cool water in my water cooling system.

sori vaan flodaamisesta mutta niille jotka aprikoi kennon tarkotusta niin se on vesijäähyn lauhdutin.

Deluca®rd27.09.2005 15:01
yeah the radiator works, actually berrer than black ice2. temp. dropped from 46 to 39 with that. and the radiator doesen´t cut the airflow. i don´t know about your radiator but I use fans in it. those fans supprised me quietness, no sound at all. might be that the rpm is like 500 :D.

I do not have to rethink this mod. and if u don´t have reading disability u can read at the end of the story CASE IS IN PROGRESS STILL. dumba*s...

Mitsukai27.09.2005 05:49
The radiator actualy works?I think the radiator cuts the airflow instead of cooling it!!and tha fans...well...a jet plane should be more quiet than that no??hehehe

you need to rethink the mod!!