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Added: 28.09.2005
Full Case
Owner: f!P[z]y
Country: Germany

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Hardware can be seen at

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Rating: 3.42 - Votes: 43

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ErCCa^^06.04.2006 19:54
Thats a cool!!!!!!!

Jipa21.10.2005 10:46
I specially like the carving on base.. Window is also quite unique in shape.

maximyuryev29.09.2005 20:19
green lights, nice paintjob , it looked lik sh*t befor looks 1337 now

maximyuryev29.09.2005 20:18
big tower :) nice, sholdda used green

Slam28.09.2005 16:53
Oh, almost forgot: 4/5

Slam28.09.2005 16:53
I like the way how you´ve done the symbol. But:
That blue light is been in so many mods that I´m
getting tired of of it.

f!P[z]y28.09.2005 15:38
Thanks a Lot!

Here are some Pix the Tower looked like before the Mod:

Mitsukai28.09.2005 15:29

sloth28.09.2005 14:57
that is probably the cooloest mod that i have ever seen, keep up the good work