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Added: 28.09.2005
Full Case
Owner: willek
Country: Finland

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This is not a case mod, but a full self designed and built case. Autocad (and msPaint :) used for design. Materials consist of Aluminum and acryl. UV-cathodes and UV-paint used for effects. Took me about a month to build.
Full worklog (in finnish) and more pictures at

Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Rating: 3.42 - Votes: 154

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Ressu20.10.2005 15:07
On kyl perhanan hieno.. Taitaa olla kyl aika meluisa tommonen avonainen rakenne? =) Tommonen vesi & passiivi jäähyl olis kyl aika unelma :)

*anonymous*09.10.2005 05:34
Looks very original, but dust is surely a BIG problem in this 'case', hm?

5woke06.10.2005 13:44
tarvii sanoo että kyl o upee... mut mis leikkautit noi kotelon osat...? 5/5

*anonymous*02.10.2005 23:01
5/5 sooo nice

*anonymous*01.10.2005 13:08
iha vitun nätti. harmi vaa ku ei pysty antaa enemmän ku 5 :)

Musti01.10.2005 00:36
Tosi hieno. Mitenkä arvokas tuli kotelosta loppujen lopuksi?

TopCat30.09.2005 15:00
yup, really slik and original

Hofeistos30.09.2005 02:17
Nice!!! I like it... keep up with good work. 5/5

Adam29.09.2005 20:32
Good clean work, man. I know how hard it is to built crap out of acrylic..though bending it is a painin the ass.. 5/5

dcmodder29.09.2005 18:36
woah 5/5

Antti29.09.2005 17:56
Ei varmasti monelta löydy samanlaista! Erikoisen Hieno!

*anonymous*29.09.2005 17:10
thats like shit load of acryl, must of been really expencive