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Added: 28.09.2005
Full Case
Owner: Vorlo
Country: Finland
WWW: http://-

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I made this case couple of years ago and found these pictures just recently. This case turned out to be rather unpractical due it's weight and being prone to break.
Case had some nice details :
-Lego fangrill (but it's not visible in pictures I think)
-Diskette drive hidden behind lego door
-Lego police sirens and lights
-Various connectors behind lego doors
This was rather nice project to build but it was constantly breaking apart.

Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Rating: 2.78 - Votes: 59

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Toneeee31.01.2007 21:43
hehahehahehaheha.. aik hauska tainnu men monest hermo tota tehdes.. :D

hmm04.11.2005 08:46
ur lego will melt ..

*anonymous*07.10.2005 21:40
I love lego cases! I build all the time!

Adan29.09.2005 20:38
that's pretty funny

DarthBender29.09.2005 18:39
for making lego boxes I think it'd be best to superglue the pieces together so it wouldn't break that easily

Trauma29.09.2005 14:53
Looks like my 3 years old nephew did that...