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Added: 30.09.2005
Game Consoles
Owner: Orbital
Country: United Kingdom

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Heres my xbox. took 7 days to finish. theres a few minor flaws that are pretty much impossible to notice in real life but thanks to this cameras super flash you might just see them in these pics.
theres about 7 coats of primer-then the desired colour around the box. stuck a chip in there. cleaned the jewel - get a good freind to draw a dragon on the back side with enamel paint ( changed the eject leds(yes i no i couldv of switched the button wires to make em shine red but i wanted to make the sure the LED colours are the same). i also stuck another fan in there thats little bit quiter and much better(also did the 12v fan mod). thats about all i can remember. enjoy.

p.s. dont slag off the colours- i thought they looked cool and retro together so i used red and DARK blue(only looks light blue coz of the shitty flash) and im not swedish;>

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Rating: 3.34 - Votes: 91

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Adam11.08.2006 08:13
Wolf...if you want to know a super easy way to change the LED color type in my name "adam" under author search and look at on the my xbox mods...there is a link in there that tells how to do it. Very simple. PS good job on nthe orange and blue

Wolf_modius10.08.2006 20:16
neat dragon man! =P also I love your LEDs, how did you make the open drive button red? cus I don't know how to do it, and im bored of the boring green colour. 5/5

Green Gecko01.10.2005 19:31
It's all good.


5/5 I think the colours do work really well, especially since I was sceptical before but in real life it's teh sex.

Orbital01.10.2005 14:26
o yeah , i also stuck a 80gb hdd in there.

Fragsuit30.09.2005 23:59
Cool Xbox, I can see what you mean by slagging. The lights look very nice. Looks like you put some hard work into it.


FTK30.09.2005 22:11
Totally cool looking "box",fresh colours and spicy jewel. 5/5