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Added: 02.10.2005
Single case mods
Owner: -k-
Country: Estonia

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This is the "floating" floor me and my friend Ozzy made 4 my case. He helped me design and cut the flames and I did the rest. The red lights come from 8 ultra bright LEDs working without resistors (5v for 2, 2.5v for 1).The whole thing is made of 2 plates: 1st covered with aluminium foil to make it shiny. 2nd the plate with the flames cut into them. Between the 2 plates are the LEDs.
P.S: In real life it looks a little better.

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Rating: 3.27 - Votes: 33

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Sarki31.05.2006 09:47
Its nice 2/5

boss7626.10.2005 05:22
awesome, the flame almost looks real!

N503.10.2005 08:46
Cool, same color as my floating floor. You should really do it with plexy, then sand it to make it opaque. I used transparent paint on mine and it still worked out well.

Guerrillaz03.10.2005 02:51
Instead of the foil use Mylar

sleepy4u03.10.2005 00:44
i agree with adam, if you are to deep in this mod and cant use plexy sand the leds.

Adam02.10.2005 21:15
It might be a little late now, but if you SLIGHTLY sand the LEDs (slightly because if you sand too much the LED will change colors a little) then the light rays will be spread more, and the larger portion of the flame will be better lighted then it is now.

*anonymous*02.10.2005 20:06
I like it!!

Slam02.10.2005 16:35
Just great 5/5

sleepy4u02.10.2005 15:12
hmm the mod is coooool but you can do it bethere with plexy
the foil is not doing it's jobb.
anny how thats my thinking of it, but it is an 4/5