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Added: 04.10.2005
Full Case
Owner: Amon
Country: Portugal

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Well this mod was done because i have seen most people say that the Xaser cases are uggly, so i tried sone changes in mine. It was fully painted, and also did some other changes, like a modded Cuplex Evo and suport and so on. I hope you like it.

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Rating: 3.41 - Votes: 170

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Amon20.10.2005 00:03
The hole project can be seen at
hope u like it and take some ideas...

*anonymous*11.10.2005 15:50
hieno mutta onko kyseessä tietsikka vai lentsikka?

SteveHarris06.10.2005 16:19
Thats awesome

Ratman05.10.2005 23:43
POrtugal alé!!! Yeah iám one of those who say that these cases are ugly... But this one, it has got a great look now, much better. Really nice mod.

watt105.10.2005 22:06
that's cool

FreddyKrueger04.10.2005 21:32
Dude.... You Rock

*anonymous*04.10.2005 19:13
of course those pipes are for watercooling, what do u think:) i almost forgot, thats really nice!

*anonymous*04.10.2005 19:11
its "science"

Adam04.10.2005 19:07
i think it's really funny, i guess i have a really cool case b/c my temps are always in the low 30s and my processor temp is 28. AS5, and a 6,000RPM fan i guess help..

Amon04.10.2005 18:41
Yes they are for watercooling. I have also another one inside of the case temps are usualu at 30 celsius with ambient temps of 26/26ºc.

Amon04.10.2005 18:38
Very nice work! Are those "pipes" for watercooling or? 5/5
Yes its for watercooling, i have also another one inside

Adam04.10.2005 16:58
Awesome Job 5/5 annswer us on what the pipes do..

Mitsukai04.10.2005 15:39
Conterrâneo...isto é um trabalho e pêras!!Parabens pá...parece mesmo saído de ficção cientifica!!Espantoso!!Gostei particularmente dos tubos e das fans por debaixo deles!!desculpa a minha ignorancia mas, os tubos servem para alguma coisa além de decorativos?

Countryman...this is a great job!!Congratulations, dude...looks like comming out from cience fiction!!Awesome!!
I loved particulary the pipes and the fans beneath'em!!sorry my ignorance but, the pipes do something else other than decorative purpose?


Bunnyh04.10.2005 15:31
Very nice work! Are those "pipes" for watercooling or? 5/5

Montag04.10.2005 14:15
Amazing work!