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Added: 04.10.2005
Game Consoles
Owner: wingman358
Country: USA

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My first mod!

For the blue lights in the bottom grill, I put in some LEDs with acrylic extensions on them.

The fan was tough to get in because the heatsink is right there. I cut off about 12 fins to get it in and then I had to sand down the top of the fan housing.

Cut the window and optical drive cover (which I think looks the worst) and added a single blue LED under one of the three arms holding the white magnet device that holds the game in the tray from the top.

EMail me if you want more pix or if you want clarification on what I did.

Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Rating: 3.26 - Votes: 43

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zatan30.06.2006 11:38
The window is a square??? bad desing

Jipa30.10.2005 22:27
You should propably file that window a bit more.. Looks rough to me.

wingman35830.10.2005 05:02
Thanks boss

boss7622.10.2005 01:19
seal, give him a break its his first od, I cannot even open my PS2. I think its really good! Good job.

Rambooow07.10.2005 12:19
I like the simplicety.
I Give it a 4/5

seal.broken04.10.2005 13:37
Why do the same mod every one have done

only new thing in this mod is how you cut the cover of the cd I have never seen that Y style before