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Added: 15.10.2005
Other computer HW
Owner: 2bitwhore
Country: USA

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The pics suck so I apologize

This is a real easy project it took me like a half hour with my wife interrupting every 10 secs so I prolly only worked on it for like 10 mins

What it does:
Lets everyone know how much of a geek you are
makes your wife embarrassed every time you pull out your keys
tests your ethernet cable

How to use it:
Just plug one end of the cable in question into your router/hub/switch/computer and the other end into your nifty keychain. If the cable is good the link light will light up on the router/hub/switch/computer.

to get a full tutorial goto

Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Rating: 3.39 - Votes: 18

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2bitwhore15.04.2006 14:59
i had seen the mem chip/dead processor keyring thought they were cool but theres no point to them i wanted mine to be functional and smallenough that i didnt have to start carrying a purse (being a man that would be weird) just to carry my keys. this fit the bill perfectly

yes i got the idea from think geek, i made sure to give them credit for the idea on my website. i use it alot as i have many many cat-5 cables and not all of tem work and i am never sure wich ones work. so b4 i host a lan party i always check all of the cables.

Fooxz the only materials needed are:
a (garbage) enet adaptor
a tiny tiny tiny bit of wire
and a soldering iron (you could even use superglue or hotglue instead)

jeff25.10.2005 04:50
isnt that form thinkgeek?

sciatic23.10.2005 11:33
I looked at this for the third time and now I noticed that it actually DOES something :D NICE one!

scn21.10.2005 23:06
Super, 5/5

Fooxz16.10.2005 20:02
prety sweet man, id make one if i had the matterials

N516.10.2005 03:42
very nice. I was gonna make one a few months ago, but had no suitable NICs. Good deal considering some sites sell them for ~$7

Möhmätti15.10.2005 23:28
Hmm useful and smalll :P

Mitsukai15.10.2005 19:20
Yep...usefull thing!!5/5