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Added: 16.10.2005
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: Jipa
Country: Finland

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Here's my current desk..

Monitors are Samsung 19" and Nokia 17", CRT lives!
Amplifier is Yamaha RX-v340 (others aren't in use)
Front speakers are manufactured by OR. I'm about to buy pair of Behringer 2031P's to be my new rearspeakers.

And what else.. There's about 3m^2 of table space, which is good.

I'm gonna get some nice curtains when my mom comes back from Australia :]

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Jipa11.11.2006 22:26
No kai ny :)

The monitors have changed to one Viesonic 20" TFT, only the Yamaha amp is left, ADSL-box is now a Zyxel and there's thick dark blue theater-curtains on the window.

vekku20.08.2006 15:28
jätkä siivos kuvaa varten ;)

Jipa01.11.2005 18:35
And as update I bought OR(finnish brand) center + rear speakers.. El-cheapo-solution.

Jipa01.11.2005 18:34
You can't take it, I already gave it to my sister last christmas but she hasn't yet received it :D

unrestricted19.10.2005 00:42
ill take that onkyo receiver off your hands mine is the same model but it makes the speakers pop

Jipa17.10.2005 00:51
Ratman what do you mean?

Ratman16.10.2005 22:18
Such "old" stuff u have there..

tidu16.10.2005 19:29
on toi kyl ehdottomasti paremman näkönen ku ennen :)

Olli16.10.2005 19:23
Ihan siistin näköinen huone sulla nyt :D
Btw. kauhea noise kuvissa :P

oFFi16.10.2005 18:57
kiva "puuhakaappi"