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Added: 28.10.2005
Game Consoles
Owner: Wilz
Country: Finland

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Pšivitetty pleikkari, nyt mattamustalla maalattu sininen ledi, ja mod piiri...

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Rating: 2.96 - Votes: 24

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2. Using vulgar or abusive language, cursing or swearing is prohibited! Lets try to keep this clean.
3. Comments in ENGLISH and FINNISH ONLY! Anything else will be deleted.
4. Unique or not, I like to see the mod. "Seen that" etc. posts will be deleted.
5. Comments that comment about other comments will get com... deleted!

People like different things so lets keep the comments professional and if possbile encouraging. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't tell what you really feel about the mod but usually that means more than one word.
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Lups15.10.2008 13:18
hahah mauton! :D

Wilz28.02.2007 16:33
"all you did was paint it black and glue leopard print fabric on it" - there's modchip too :)

Disco_Stu04.07.2006 14:38


zatan30.06.2006 11:39
poor ps1

sOMOZA29.03.2006 23:53
Sorry men, but it still a psone...

zc07.01.2006 08:44
all you did was paint it black and glue leopard print fabric on it

Wilz30.11.2005 13:24
Siis ei sitä lediä vaan tuo koppa =P

keke09.11.2005 12:54
mattamustalla maalattu sininen ledi
silti se hohtaa noin hyvin

dcmodder30.10.2005 06:17
o no an update!