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Added: 01.11.2005
Game Consoles
Owner: Altec
Country: USA

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I cut the sides and front parts out. No you can't shock your self on the PSU. If you look at pic #2 you well see that.

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Rating: 1.82 - Votes: 49

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zatan30.06.2006 11:31
nice, but i put plexiglass or something

Darth Z13.05.2006 17:56
I could maybe understand this if you'd cut away the metal to match, "finished" the openings a little more, replaced the cutaway portions with clear acrylic, added a window to the ROM, and cleaned up the wiring so it didn't look like so much spaghetti.

It's a good start, but I don't see it as more than that right now.

HandsomeDan13.04.2006 22:47
I'm at a loss here. I cannot fathom what would bring you to do this. It is just so horribly ugly.

sOMOZA29.03.2006 23:49
oHHHhhh, you kill her...

Joes2silly07.12.2005 05:41
thats not a mod, thats just stupid

seal.broken02.11.2005 14:19
try putting acilic then I will give u a score

Slam02.11.2005 14:17
Well, reason why you did that is reasionable, but you havenĀ“t done anything suprising or cool. 1/5

*anonymous*02.11.2005 06:18
execution was good..but the desgin needs a little work.

b.gates02.11.2005 03:10
glue the front and side parts back.... looks ugly and there will bee shitloads of dust inside..

Smart Guy01.11.2005 23:59
Oh just dropped some thing in it. oops!?!?!?!?!

Rei Negishi01.11.2005 21:25
Senseless if you ask me but well done.

N501.11.2005 20:52
I like the idea, but the side cut is iffy.

Jipa01.11.2005 18:33
kinda fugly...

Adam01.11.2005 17:51
To each his own. I'll give you this, your cuts are clean :)

Nick:01.11.2005 16:53
Nice idea, but the dust will go in the box???

Aehuji01.11.2005 16:17
why would you do this?