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Added: 02.11.2005
Game Consoles
Owner: Granulated
Country: USA

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Hey guys!

This was the first xbox I ever bought. 2 months after I bought it, I taped it up, took it out on the sidewalk, and spraypainted it. That's right, I didn't even take the case off. After I learned what I was doing, I repainted it. After I got bored with that design, this is what came of it.

Everything has been shaved, obviously.
Two tone fading paintjob
Halo 2 Jewel

Arctic silver 5 on the heatsinks
80mm LED fan
Removed Shielding
60mm side intake fan

22 LED underglow in front
Blue/white P/E buttons
12 LED ring around jewel
LED's in controller port

High Speed IDE cable

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Rating: 3.33 - Votes: 24

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Thomas22.11.2005 00:29
Omfg u destroyed the nice look of the nice NES in background :'(

Granulated05.11.2005 22:33
Yep, all the light is from the Xbox :)

I do like how it looks, and I think I could have done a little better on the paint...but it was my first fading job, I was using spraycans, and I probably put 15 hours into the paint...just couldn't get it to turn out good. It doesn't look so good in pictures, but in person, the fade actually looks pretty sweet. Thanks for the comments!

maximyuryev03.11.2005 19:40
wow , nice , is all that light from your xbox ???

N503.11.2005 06:40
The xbox is far better looking shaved. I think it would be better if the gradient paintjob was more gradual.