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Added: 06.01.2006
Full Case
Owner: xooler
Country: Russian Federation

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Here is my New Project SamoWar!
It's realy Russian Samowar. He is very old.
The manufacture lables shows me 1882 year/
The samovar joins the crane - on itself is RESET,& from itself is POWER.
CD-ROM is on the top.

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Rating: 3.38 - Votes: 107

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Zamechatelno05.09.2006 22:52
samoVar is an old russian(not only, but mainly) kettle. :)

Yah00ka27.07.2006 19:04
nice :D
but what's a samowar???

a-xir26.02.2006 06:28
this is awesome!! unique - ahujetj!!

BlackRiot24.02.2006 13:44
god damm dude u are f*cking idiot... how much u can get selling that old samowar its antique

un_kind14.01.2006 21:57
Cool!!! Don't listen them all. It's great mod! We, Russians are the best!

zitex13.01.2006 23:00
So good!

xooler12.01.2006 13:19
Here is normal resolution photos.

_Hz09.01.2006 07:39
No ei sanota mitään muutakun että, sen huomas mistä on kotoisin

professor09.01.2006 04:53
oh why'd you have to destroy that samowar. you are an evil man.

watt108.01.2006 22:35
how did you put the stuff into that I mean hardware :)

drinn08.01.2006 18:35
Lol :) Like cacadu said, its unique. Nice job mate.

cacadu08.01.2006 15:30
That's very cool case. :D Very unique mod. 4.5/5

Meisseli08.01.2006 13:08
It looks awful. And its useability is grade zero. Sorry but i dont like it. Destroied a historical piece. Antique. -_-

*anonymous*08.01.2006 13:01
This fking great mod belongs to category: "Let's mod pc to any place in da house" :D.

Jipa08.01.2006 11:30
Haha that's great! Tho(or maybe because) it looks something illegal :P

Mitsukai08.01.2006 08:14
Great job!!5/5

Scifi08.01.2006 00:47
lol - thats pretty cool one, but on what state of mind were u on when u tought "hey, maby i mod a pc to samowar!" :D