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Added: 13.01.2006
Full Case
Owner: Ashfoot
Country: USA

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My first mod and it has been changing ever since I got it and modded it. Since I bought the case, I cut a 92mm fan hole in the side of the window. Painted the chassis black with neon green drive bays. 4 UV CCFLs, 2 blue CCFLs, and 1 meteor light underneath the chassis. Also I modded the PSU but I don't think I took any pics of that while components were in the case. I also cut the name "Greenash" in the right side panel of the case and put el wire behind it to light it up. And last thing I did to it was put the green lightning bolts on it and stuck cutout reflective tape for the names "Greenash" and "Ashfoot" on the front panel.

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Rating: 2.76 - Votes: 46

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inf20.02.2006 00:21
lot of work... good job 5/5

Ashfoot14.01.2006 22:44
Do you mean the tool? The tool I used was a dremel. Took me WAY too long to cut though. Probably did it over a 2 month span but I think it would take me a week to cut just cause it was so tiring to do.

nine714.01.2006 09:23
what did you use to cut greenash on the side?

N514.01.2006 05:31
deffinetly like the idea of reflective tape, never recall seeing that used before. easy way to find the rig at lans.

Ashfoot14.01.2006 01:27
Na, no airbrush, just spray cans and thanks!

*anonymous*13.01.2006 23:07
like it :P nicely done
u had an airbrush?

Ashfoot13.01.2006 21:31
thanks, guys. And ya they are all UV fans.

Erakk013.01.2006 20:47
Great... Much UV-light, I like it!

|Lacquer|13.01.2006 14:57
Cool!!!... uv fans?

Patonk113.01.2006 08:16
I like the inside 4/5