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Added: 13.01.2006
Full Case
Owner: zitex
Country: Russian Federation

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Industrial Half - Life mod.
In the second large the y mod - would like to develop a theme industrial, devices and mechanisms which is widely presented in game Half-Life 2.

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Rating: 3.41 - Votes: 170

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TIM18.03.2006 13:22
I like's COOL:D

watt120.02.2006 00:28
it's not cool but i like it 5/5

Nawl17.02.2006 17:46

Mixmanpoop17.02.2006 03:50
OMG This is what i want to do to my computer! How about a tutorial?

ZAiN05.02.2006 22:02
Looks like a nuclear bomb lol

supercrox04.02.2006 00:25
Verry original, like that style:) keep on modding mate 5/5

os22.01.2006 11:26
Ou fuck what a case :P 5/5!!! Awesome man!

buttshaver20.01.2006 18:43
I think it's very nice . I give 4/5 . Keep trying modd !

Mitsukai16.01.2006 02:41
Very poor industrial case attempt!!Hated it...sorry!! Keep have talent though!! 2/5 (for the talent)!!

CorruptedCard16.01.2006 01:15
Nothing new; looks like you merely redid your equally unoriginal Fallout case. 3/5 I'm really confused as to why people always associate Half Life 2 with rust and grime; when the majority of the game takes place in the city. Rust was the first half life, not 2. Now that I think about it; a metrocop themed cased would look pretty cool.

climber0715.01.2006 22:52
Very nice. 5/5