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Added: 28.01.2006
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Ok, so this doesnt have anything to do whit computers but I was happy whit the result whit the image on the circuit board and how the box turned out.

This is the bandbass filter I made for my cars sound system. It filters out unwanted frequensiez, from the input to the rear speakers. All freq. between 80 Hz and 8000 Hz gets trough, all else is filtered out. It allso lowers the wolume whit aprox 1dB.

Long story short, I prindet out an image on some sticker paper and stuck it on a circuitboard, then soldered the components an wires in place and finiched off by makeing an acryllic box.

(The last pic shows the final instalation of the badpass fasten on the sub box)

Click the thumbnails for larger images.

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iiK30.01.2006 06:47
A program for calculating the components and a wiering diagram can be found @ (in finnish), the rest I made up...

Adobe30.01.2006 05:34
where did you find how to do this project??