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Added: 13.02.2006
Mobile Phones / PDAs
Owner: Mitsukai
Country: Portugal

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I was to post this mod before, but my webcam doesn't take pictures very well...came out too fuzzy!! Now that I have a new mobile phone ( Samsung D600 )...I can take pictures with more detail!! Please understand...I cant do miracles...detailed pictures, only with a professional D600's cam is 2Mpixels...but if I zoom in the photo gets too fuzzy...and if I zoom cant see the mod very good because it gets to small!!I made 3 pictures and put the colors I used in it:

1-Base color: Black Matt(08)(airbrushed)
2-Outside Shade: Deep Purple (paintbrushed)
3-Inside shade: Blue Gloss (52)(paintbrushed)
4-Lightning Bolt: White Gloss (04)(paintbrushed)

Since I saw one of the Unique Vinyls from the game "Need For Speed Underground 1", I became in love with that particular vinyl with those lightning bolts in the front of the car (I used the same base color in my Nissan Skyline in game)!!So...because I cant buy myself a tuning car and paint that motif on in, I decided to put it on my old Samsung A800 to make it also unique!!

What do you think of it??

Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Rating: 2.71 - Votes: 65

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Mitsukai17.02.2006 18:21
Thanks bro!!

Brigado mano!!

PRO[ t ]EST16.02.2006 03:53
Portuguese do it
Sweet paintjob... For├ža mano...

Mitsukai15.02.2006 19:37
The vinyl pic posting was not would mean to delete the complete for that!!
I've noticed of watching again the game vinyl that I switched the colors of inside and outside's on the other way around...Deep Purple is inside shade...and Blue Gloss is the outside one!!

Thank you all for your great comments and once again...sorry for the fuzzy pics!!

*anonymous*15.02.2006 00:45
SWEET JOB! 5/5 off to buy an air gun!

Mitsukai14.02.2006 19:02
Yes, I'm sorry about the pics...I really cant get them better than that!!I've asked Jani if he could add a printscreen of the game vinyl I was talking about!! If he agree to add can see better what I meant!!I'm really really sorry about me not being able to take better pictures of it!!

flabs14.02.2006 18:43
Yeah that looks like a really kickass phone to me, but i would too like to see some better pics ;D

DJ_KamBoosha14.02.2006 13:08
Fabulous work. 5/5

Duke14.02.2006 10:02
I like it. I would like to see some better pictures, though.