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Added: 14.02.2006
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: Izvire
Country: Finland

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Got a new computer, new mouse and mousepad, new screen and headphones :) Basicly all new.
I like the mouse and mousepad combination very much ^^

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Rating: 2.44 - Votes: 16

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  This is office & desk section. NO MODS NEEDED!
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Pahvi14.04.2006 22:55
Argh it's burning my eyes off!

Izvire17.02.2006 14:23
Kännykällä näpsin :=) piti pienentää paintilla ni tämmönenhän siitä seuras. Esa mulla menny rikki 2x mut palautin verkkokauppa.comiin ja sain uuden.

esa16.02.2006 16:43
but that keyboard suck's becuse i got one of those until i destroyed it, i gave it one hit with my fist when i was playing ET and well after that i got "2keyboards" 3points for your desk

Radon15.02.2006 11:56
Webbi cameralla nää oot ottanu? 4pong