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Added: 14.02.2006
Other computer HW
Owner: _KaMiK_
Country: Poland

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Something about this mod, this is gigabyte 6600gt, standard gpu fan has so much decybeles, i want reduce some noise, so i do new metal "pedestial" like a original, add arctic silver 5 beetwen, screw to him radiator "titan" from old procesor, and add Arctic Coling Pro 2 :) next add artcic silver 5 beetwen cooling system and gpu & screw everything to graphics card :)

sory from my englisch :(

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Rating: 3.42 - Votes: 208

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_KaMiK_05.03.2006 23:51
i dan`t have temps :/ this card not have details of temperatures :(

_Hz05.03.2006 03:27
Temps please!

Juuzo_9117.02.2006 15:24
nice :). i believe that it is more powerful than original cooler. how warm it gets in full load?

Jipa15.02.2006 18:00
That looks much nicer than many self-made coolers out there. Good job!

You'r CPU-cooler rocks ;)

losing PCI-slots is no problem with most modern mobos and standard using... So stop whining about it :D

_KaMiK_15.02.2006 12:04
I don`t need that slots so i can do that big fan :)

But really, there is not such heavy, card holds level (horizon) all the time and it does not bend :)

As said, each which (who) is for big please, let's it will appreciate - though quality of execution, that it is taken care of each literally detail here :)

Greetings :)

SiX15.02.2006 06:01
that video card is now a monster!!! 5/5
And i actually think it looks awesome with the big fan on it kinda gives it some style! Your card has just been

P I M P E D !

Duke15.02.2006 05:14
@ Umm..., the point is to reduce heat so as to overclock more efficiently. Also as Kamik mentioned the stock HSF on the graphics card is quite noisy. Most new cards are.

I'd give you 5/5 just for having to go through all the trouble, also for using good paste like Artic Silver.
My only concern is that the card looks like it's bending slightly with the weight. I'd suggest getting some spare insulated wire and support the card like a harness.

maximyuryev15.02.2006 03:10
nice , damm , thats a big ass cpu cooler

Umm..15.02.2006 02:28
Ok.. What's the point? Reducing pci slots? That's just too big. 2/5