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Added: 17.02.2006
Other hardware/devices
Owner: Valojuova
Country: Finland

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Peltier CAN cooler

I had a project on school and it turned like this...
(I did this a year ago) PWM controlled peltier cooler, 12V, 80W peltier. I can holder was lathed from aluminium by some other students. I just gave him the blueprints. Hot side is cooled with Igloo 7200 Light. I haven't really have time to test it properly but maybe I tell more when I'm done with report to my teacher.

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Rasheed A Hameed30.12.2013 13:42

I would like to try this. Can you please share the design(plan + circuit) & the components with me at

thanks in advance

franta05.12.2012 13:48
I would like to try this. Can you please share the design(plan + circuit) & the components with me at

thanks in advance

vicente04.06.2012 20:24
did it work?

Joe Bett27.09.2011 10:33
Hi, i would like to try this as well. If you don't mind sending me the circuit board design and plan i would really appreciate it and the design is great. Thank you

marf13.02.2009 22:36
I would like to try this. Can you please share the design(plan + circuit) & the components with me at

thanks in advance

moi29.11.2008 22:14
Annatko mulle noi kytkentäkaaviot sun muut piirilevyn piirrustukset, kiinnostas kovasti väsätä jotain tollasta.

ricky02.04.2008 13:14
i made the mos amazing cooler and oncorporated solar panels.. its brilliant

Sobol30.12.2007 23:17
Hey, can somebody send me the scheme, please? My mail is:
sobolkosma [at]

a03.12.2007 20:30
bb, [quote] Make it use little solarpanel so you can take it with you outside. [/quote]
an 80W solar panel would be huge, 1.19m x 0.53m not what i'd call small

Deepa12.11.2007 13:47
Hi, would like to try this out as one of my scool project. Can you please share the PCB design & the components with me at

I appreciate your help, thank you.

sheff19.03.2007 17:12
i was just wondering if it would work as a cpu cooler?

geraldino25010.03.2007 11:49
hi, the schematic circuit for this project?, do you like a new pageweb detail of this, thanks very good project...

yamon22.12.2006 02:13
Natureboy, yeah... it`s kinda cold here in the winter yes, but believe it or not, when it get`s summer, it really get`s hot in here too, +25-30`c (77-86 fahrenheit) are very common...
We too like our cola cold... not boiling.

Valojuova12.09.2006 08:35
Wow, I saw my can cooler in newest PC FORMAT :DD

Finnish Dude24.08.2006 17:38
NatureBoy, yes its true but only when its winter here. :) Summer time there can be about +15-30 C degrees warm. :)

NatureBoy22.08.2006 23:28
What does a Finnish dude need a device like this for? I thought you guys could just leave your cans outside in the snow? :-D

gera02.08.2006 21:43
in how many minuts the can will be cool?

EJ01.08.2006 03:23
to fix the thermo dynamics problem you can just turn it upside down.

SNIPER02.07.2006 08:29
Very nice, I have seen this idea before but I never seen one done this nice. Keep up the good work. :)

Moz30.06.2006 07:11
Hi Valojuova

Can you send me the PWM circuit you used, I intend to do something similar, using solar/wind energy. Send it to me at michaelm AT arbornet DOT org


CapZap27.06.2006 09:41
Awesome. Seen it before, but not to this extent. I'd love to build one myself one day.

Oh and here's some finnish, since the comments have to be in English *AND* Finnish: peittää.

fragstorm23.06.2006 02:10
One thing i didnt like about the design of this is that it goes against thermodynamics. Cold fluids (cold air) tend to be dense and sink below less dense, warm fluid (air). The way this is setup, the (lack of heat) cold is forced to travel upwards throuh conduction into the alluminum and then finally to the can of (? whatever you want to keep cold). This makes it less efficient. Could be improved, but i still like it.

frag storm23.06.2006 02:04
Mann, this would be so much better as an addition to a cpu liquid cooling system. Peltiers, on average aren't nearly as efficient as phase change cooling systems (used in fridges, freezers, ac's), so i keep my brew cold in the fridge!
nice project though could have better applications:

chr0n1c23.06.2006 00:53
sweet machine work on the cup, did you do it on a cnc?

GuntherMP523.06.2006 00:44
Please post time to cool a beer to ice cold

BACS Design22.06.2006 19:48
Nice Project
If you put a conductive liquid between the can and the aluminum, you will increase the thermal eff. by at least 80 percent and possibly more. Use Vodka or pure Ethanol. It is non-toxic, and is often used in ice-cream machines for the same purpose - plus it will not freeze before water will - or in your case Soda or Beer!
Best of Luck

valkoinen21.06.2006 21:03
really nice looking cup 5/5

westkan20.06.2006 22:31
power consumption is stated at the top of page. cell charger aint gonna run it. ya insulation would be good. expect 40F below ambiant temp.Peltiers are interesting but powe hogs for what they do. Anyway it is what it is. I know of any heat pump smaller or easier to use.

brandon s20.06.2006 19:03
you should insulate the outside of the aluminum can holder, you are only wasting some good heat to the exposed surface, i've made many variations of this device, including a protable mug, and adapted one to a beer cozy. getting 12 V is hard for portability but you can use an DC wall charger (like a cell phone charger) and make one plug into the wall, and you have yourself a cold/hot mug.

opti20.06.2006 18:45
aww, mies pääsi hack a day:n (

frank20.06.2006 18:19
would it be more efficient if you insulated the outside of the aluminum cup holder?

Juno20.06.2006 18:11
Very nice. What is the energy consumption of the device? I am interested in seeing how quickly it cools, and how efficient it is.

mandibu20.06.2006 17:51
i like hot coke. , dietcoke !!!!!°|1 and hot beer , mmmmmm delicios

*anonymous* sucks20.06.2006 11:52
[quote] no life [/quote]

Actually he's doing it as a project, instead of wasting his time reading others and posting pointless comments that not only make him feel bad, but also make you look bad. Go cut your wrists and sit in a bath

As for the project I think its cool, i hate drinking cans of stuff and it heating up in my hand before i drink it, out of interest how fast does it cool / whats the lowest temperature you have got a can to?

Shark50020.06.2006 07:13
believe it or not, i'm makeing almode the sam,e thing right now when i came across this. mine will encapsulate a bottle. just wondering where you ordered your peltier. i baught mine online for about $7 + $5 shipping.

techyguru20.06.2006 04:06
Nice, for extra credit have a switch to reverse voltage and heat up a beverage(would be great for coffee).
Looks a little hacked but I like things that way

*anonymous*08.05.2006 15:07
no life

Afla09.04.2006 21:53
Hmm aika turha minun mielestä.

67888jgh07.04.2006 21:47
en älyy tästä mitään!

moe28.03.2006 21:49
Jos näitä kommentteja koskaan luet niin viitsisitkö vastata tähän kysymykseen:
Lämpötilat tehosta, "kiposta" ja siilestä?

BB27.03.2006 15:12
Make it use little solarpanel so you can take it with you outside.

HBP10.03.2006 21:18
Koteloisit nyt edes vaikka pleksillä.

sciatic27.02.2006 10:37
Aika liian siisti :D toi alumiinisorvaus on kyl nätti. jos tohon viel jonku kotelon tekisit nii ois aika hot :D

paramecium23.02.2006 03:23
Tuo on kyllä mainio vempele 5/5

moe20.02.2006 14:37
No pentele; juuri tämänlaista vehjettä olin itsekkin suunnitellut :D
Täytyy sitten ilmeisesti muuttaa vielä jotakin suunnitelmia, ettei ihan matkimiseksi luulla :P

Valojuova20.02.2006 13:46
Tekemisessä meni joku parikuukautta... lähinnä suunnittelua. Ei tota niin ahkeraan tullu tehtyä. Kylmyys testejä en oo saanu ajeltua mut pitää joskus koittaa ku joutaa.

Jauho20.02.2006 08:46
Kuinka kauan kesti tehä? 5/5

moi20.02.2006 02:03
Vau vähän kätevä! :D miten kylmäks tolla saa juomansa? :) 5/5

Harakiri19.02.2006 23:17
Wow, that's cool! Nice work, 5/5!