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Added: 18.02.2006
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: thesumof41is5
Country: USA

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My cluttery, messy, yet well- organized "desk" and workstation.
Pics suck , 1.3 MP SAMSUNG :(
anyway, comp is CA180 Intel w/
733 MHz
128 MB RAM
Modded front lights (power=red, HDD=blue)

DVD Player
SONY HANDYCAM video camera
Kodak 3 in 1 card reader
17" CRT Monitor
DAZZZLE video capture USB
PHILIPS 120 Watt stereo w/ subwoofer (not in pic)

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Rating: 2.26 - Votes: 23

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v9119449249106.03.2006 03:16
WOW this is vaguely familiar it seems i have been there was a little bit cleaner but i dont see your astro van carb

masteflappie05.03.2006 15:09
maybe you need 2 clean yor room ;)

thesumof41is527.02.2006 18:23
Yes, the wheel cap is from a 97 crown vic that my parents added recently when they redid my room. I never really noticed it, but now that i think about it , that could be a cool project.
since then, i have built an entirely plexi case for the computer that is much more aestheticly appeasing

new pics of desk coming....

mdcodex25.02.2006 05:43
wow ! guys dont treat people like that ,so what his computer is not that great, big deal !

Mitsukai22.02.2006 23:15
This is not Office & Desk mod...this is trash!!Only a huge pile of crappy trash!!1/5

Dirty22.02.2006 19:08
Clean your room please.

Unliving22.02.2006 18:26
btw is that a wheel cap on the side of you`re desk??

Unliving22.02.2006 18:25
maybe he doesn`t need a uber fast computer..not everybody is crazy about getting the fast computer maybe he is just doing homework stuff etc

Matt21.02.2006 23:39
holy crap man!that crappy ass computer you got makes an office computer look good. Get a new one, 733mhz 128ram isn't that great...

_Hz20.02.2006 23:07
HOLY S**T!!! WTF MAN how you can live there?!.... Did you blow something in there?

*anonymous*20.02.2006 20:31
Dude, do something with that fugly case. The mess is no problem (a clean desk is a sign of an empty mind) but that case is awful.