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Added: 23.02.2006
Other computer HW
Owner: Series^
Country: Finland

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The original fan of this Elsa Gladiac 920 Geforce 3 got busted, and I intended to do some retro overclocking with it, so i added a silent 7x7 fan from Galcialtech Igloo 2410 (which i replaced with a 7x7 AMD64 fan ripped from a box-heatsink that came with the CPU. The fan is sturdily attached to the mem heatsinks via 2 long black screws, and is very firm, it does not shake or rattle, and it has very minimal noise since i keep it on ~5 volts. It also keeps the card very cool, so I expect glamorous O/Cing results next weekend :)

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Series^25.02.2006 12:40
the GF3 fried today, passive heatsink broke the pcb.