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Added: 25.02.2006
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: Series^
Country: Finland

.: All mods by owner...
2 of 15" Digital CRT's and one 17" Compaq Qvision 172, all hooked to the comp under the table.
A64 3200+ @ 2507mhz
2*512mb Kingston DDR400 CL2.5-2-2-5
GF6800LE 12x1,6vp @ 350/850mhz
120gb WD HDD
Lite-On DVD+ -burner

Yamaha RX-330 260Watt amplifier,
8" 250watt Pioneer Subwoofer and a
12" 120watt Pyramid subwoofer.

The comp on the right is currently not in use, I'm thinking of selling it:
AMD Duron 650 @ 866mhz
256mb Spectek DDR333
integrated GFX with 64mb shared memory
6gb HDD
4x CD-Rom drive

I also have 1 more computer, hidden in the bottom drawer under the desk:
AMD Duron 1600 @ 2220mhz
2*256md Twinmos DDR400 @ CL3-3-3-7
currently running a S3 Virge DX PCI-gfx, cuz my GF3 Burned ;(
40gb HDD
no CD-drive since its hooked to the Lan/internet.

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Rating: 3.12 - Votes: 16

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  This is office & desk section. NO MODS NEEDED!
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Series^30.03.2006 19:46
oh, and the 17" crt in the middle fried.

Series^30.03.2006 19:46
Zimfile: I can't afford TFT's, I'm a student.

and ill rather play with GF7800GTX and 2 CRTS, than some crappy gfx and 2 TFT's ;)

Zimfile27.03.2006 12:48
Sell the 3 Crt's... and buy 2 Tft's... probably that will look a lot better..

jepjep26.02.2006 10:56
" This is office & desk section. NO MODS NEEDED!" kattelisit hiukan ennenku alat riehuu..

nauraja26.02.2006 08:35
eks sä oo tehnyt mitään!! aijaa sori kolme näyttöö :D Oliko toi sun modi no kyllä se käy ihan hieno. 2/5 n00b!

Baguette26.02.2006 00:04
Et oo aatellu litteitä näyttöjä? :E
Hieno refleksikotelo btw.