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Added: 26.02.2006
Other computer HW
Owner: Justblair
Country: United Kingdom

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This is my first attempt at modding a TT typhoon. If you have seen any of the comparisons of the big coolers you will know that this is in its raw form one of the best performing coolers around. I thought that it could be better. The one I used as my experimental version is used passively in my current work in progress a completely fanless undervolted/clocked HTPC case. So I did some bending of the typhoon fins and heatpipes. In a normally aspirated machine, obviously this part of the mod would be daft.

Basicly I added a copper cooler to the space under the typhoons own cooling fins. This was a good few hours work.

In my passive config It reduced the idle from 49c to 40c and reduced the load temp from 53.5c down to 58c. With active cooling I would expect such a mod to dramatically improve the typhoons performance!

It is a little rough round some edges, but I consider this one to be more a proof of concept.

I have given a more detailed post at Silentpcreview. It is PC silencing that is my main interest, though modding is the means to that end.

More photos available (before and after)

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Justblair15.03.2006 17:26
I see your thinking there, and it makes good sense if you haven't seen the case layout I have gone for. The PSU sits in its normal position to the right of the mobo in the third picture, so the heatsink clears it. Just think of a standard atx case turned on its side.

May not have explained that well, final answer is no need this time... but a good suggestion thanks.

Duke15.03.2006 11:38
Fair enough. Can the orientation of the HS be rotated 90 degrees? If so then you can reduce the profile of the case a bit.

Justblair14.03.2006 19:04

The temps before and after are at the same voltage and clock speed. So no there has been no step back. The drop in temperature is all down to the mod.

HTPC's come in all shapes and sizes. I haven't opted to go sff with mine. The space I have for it is more than capable of handling a larger case. Di

Why such a big HS?, My intention with the project is to go totally silent... ie passive. You just cant go passive with small heatsinks. My PSU is the passive silverstone model there are no fans whatsoever in the system this runs in. The HD is enclosed and suspended, the only noise that can be heard from this system is the DVD/rw when its in use. I store my media on NAS to erradicate this noise.4/5?

Duke14.03.2006 14:29
The one buried under all that copper has been unlocked, undervolted and underclocked. It is outputing about 29w under load approximately.

Is that why it is now running x amount of degrees cooler? Are those "before" temps after you undervolted? If not, then you've taken a step back.

Also for a HTPC why have such a big HS? Aren't you supposed to be decreasing the dimensions?

1/5 - or if you can justify what I've brought up, then 4/5

Justblair01.03.2006 19:27
3... With such good results on a passive system, my curiousity is now burning... Will the positive effect on cooling be amplified by airflow or less pronounced.

4... I have set myself the goal of producing a cost effective Ninja beater. Amongst the silencing comunity this sink is the most popular, and one if not the best performer on the market. If I can beat its performance, then I can claim to have the most efficient domestic CPU cooler.

5... I appear (though am prepared to be educated otherwise) to be the first to implement this idea. If I can prove its merit, I hope my baby will become popular in the overclock and silencing comunities. Its an ego thing!!!

Justblair01.03.2006 19:19
Not sure that was the case. I have done other mods, for instance the NB cooler. It may just be a small misalignment of the crews for that or the Typhoons bracket that has caused this. Reason I say that is that when I turned the board upside down, the bend stayed where it was. When I take it apart for the MKIII modifications I will investigate this further.

MKII is now planned. I have an Alu heatsink from a XP3800-64 dual core that I think will make a better donor. But this one is going into an air cooled system.

1... I have the air cooled system here with a virgin typhoon on it.

2... Mitsukai's comments highlighted to me that a passive mod really wasn't relevent to all but a small niche of modders.

Silent Runner01.03.2006 17:07
Seems that the mobo bent quite much under all that weight.

Justblair27.02.2006 20:28
Jipa, to add a bit more detail in. Your right the Pallys are not the best for silent running, but they are not impossible to work with. The one buried under all that copper has been unlocked, undervolted and underclocked. It is outputing about 29w under load approximately. Even in its stock form, a big cooler like the Ninja or typhoon can keep it cool at very low noise levels. My current project though aims higher. Passively cooling any processor is a major undertaking. It involves carefull tweaking of the core voltages, major case mods, a very efficient heatsink and powersupply. Essentially I am working at the very limits of what is possible. That is why the temp drops I have achieved are a major.

Justblair27.02.2006 15:12
Yep. Had the palamino already and it is more than enough to run for HTPC purposes. Waste not want not!

Jipa27.02.2006 13:14
You did all this just to keep your damn Palomino cool? Isn't that cooler more expensive than one of those new(er) Bartons, which run much cooler? :) Palominos are totally horrible for any silent pc..

Justblair27.02.2006 09:45
Yep, as it said in the notes this really wasn't about the looks.

Hangfire. I've got another typhoon that I intend modding this way very soon. This one will be in a normally aspirated machine and will have no bent fins this time (fan cooled stuff=different design). I am looking forward to seeing how this type of mod will behave with some airflow.

boTTrad27.02.2006 08:03
that's a pretty good idea great job m8 4/5

Hangfire27.02.2006 07:37
Very nice mod Justblair, that's the epidomy of modding to me. You improved a factory design with good fuctional results. For a serious overclocker, modding a config and getting a 16 dF drop is pretty good.. Function beats form on this one for a 5/5 :)

iiK27.02.2006 07:23
Nice to se a mod that does something. You could have done a better job bending the Cu fins, would have looked beter but that's probbably not the point in this project :)

Justblair27.02.2006 01:17
Em a 9c drop on a passively run machine???

Thats a 20% at idle 8% at full load drop based on convection alone. I'd suggest you stop the fan on your own cpu with your finger. Watch the temperature climb to 9c above normal and then let the fan do its job. Then try to imagine how you would get that sort of cooling without a fan.

Passive cooling is a totally different ball game.

However this mod on am actively cooled machine would be even more effective. If your doing an overclock for instance there is potential here. There is about 2.5m2 extra surface area on this cooler and copper has a very low thermal resistance so heat can transfer quickly from the CPU to the fin surface.

Mitsukai27.02.2006 00:40
Personaly I think you've just ruined a perfectly good cooler!! didn't get such significative results to say that you improoved it...a cooler day could drop that kind of temperature!! so...1/5!!

Justblair27.02.2006 00:25
Been waiting for it to post... Made a small mistake in the story. New temp under load is 48c. Sorry!