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Added: 03.03.2006
Other computer HW
Owner: MaDmAx
Country: United Kingdom
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I hated the orignal tft stand as it was way too low i have always had my montiors high up. So got hold of a used tft stand from ebay quite cheap, but had to redo the 4 holes on the back as the ones on the stand were more apart than they are on the back of the tft.
And wanted to make the stand look a lil industial by straying an army font on the support legs, i rushed the job and managed to get it on the back part of the stand which wasn't meant to happen but will sort that out at a later stage. oh well lol

the orignal stand pic was taken from a LAN party, reason for all the mess around it lol

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MaDmAx09.03.2006 20:13
yes its a clock, using the 24 theme style font, i got it from a program called yahoo! Widgets, and the 24 clock is like a plugin that you add to this program and you can move the clock anywere you want on the screen. cheers :)

kulsa09.03.2006 13:56
hey, is that ur desktop pic real clock made at 24's numbers or just ordinary wallpaper? I'm just interested, because it looks very cool :) Yea, nice job btw...

MaDmAx05.03.2006 23:14
Reason why i got this screen was because i wanted a widescreen tft and didn't want to pay 300-400 quid for one this was only 130. The one on the left is a 17" tft while the newer one is 19". I didn't mind the orignal stand for a lil but it was giving me neck problems.
when i got this tft there wasn't any other widescreen tfts about at the time.
Thanx for the comments guys, i don't mind what ppl say

Rama04.03.2006 23:42
Well, if it's an older screen and he's begun the notice the shortness of the stand just recently..?

It makes sense to me. ├Łou people always have to complain...

Mitsukai04.03.2006 19:52
Lovejoy, I read what he said and understanded it...What I was trying to say is since he didn't like the actual stand of his monitor...why to buy that one?...he could buy another one with a higher stand!! Unless it was a gift, I dont understand why he bought the monitor!! I mean...There's a lot of monitors like that one with taller stands...why did he choose preciselly that one??

Lovejoy04.03.2006 09:12
erm he bought a cheap monitor from ebay if you cant read Mitsukai. I think that was good solution but i dosent look good... 3/5 only black would be better...nice try

Mitsukai04.03.2006 01:51
I dont get it......if you didn't like the stand, so why did you get that monitor?? Seems you have a bigger and better one on it's side...with the proper high!! I just dont get it!!1/5

Akif03.03.2006 22:39
Very Usefull, it could save someone a new monitor, if they have the guts to try one. 5/5