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Added: 12.03.2006
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Owner: Justblair
Country: United Kingdom

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This is the MKII Typhoon.

I posted the first one a couple of weeks ago which was pretty much a protoype.

The last one was in a passive machine and amongst the comments was the odd mention of the finish. This is a little better looking IMO.

This one is designed round a different donor, a stock Athlon-64 XP cooler, and is to be used in a more conventional fan cooled pc (My desk PC also posted on this site)

The results are a little marginal, around a 3c drop (6f) both under load and idle. This was tested in free air. Not tested this one in a case yet. I expect to get a 4c drop once the thermal paste etc has bedded in. The fan was run at 7v..

Before...Idle 34c Load 39c

After...Idle 31c Load 36c

The ambient in the after tests was slightly higher than in the Befores, Afternoon as opposed to morning.

The heatsink was cut down both to allow it to sit in the gap in the typhoon and also to allow it to double up, replacing the typhoons mounting bracket.

I have plans for a MkIV, which will use the same extra heatsink, but built into an enclosure to use the airflow more efficiently. I also have some plans to modify the heat spreader on the typhoon to make it more efficient by enclosing the heatpipes in a reservoir of silver paste.

Your comments please on the MKII will be welcome...

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Result of ?

Justblair15.03.2006 20:21
Just to update.

The cooler is now back in a case working and finally the work seems worth it.


47c idle 59c+ load


37c idle 47c load

Massive success when the cooler was tested in its intended destination. The PSU fan is in close proximity and it would appear that

a: The PSU is drawing air through the donor,

b: This design is more useful in higher temps.

The rig it being used in is a low and restricted airflow case. Would be interested if any other typhoon owners would be keen to have a go?

Justblair14.03.2006 16:52
Thats 960g of base metal. It does take up the same space as the standard typhoon though... Still want more performance from it. Wouldn't mind some informed comment on how I can eek a few more c's cooling from the thing.

Any suggestions?

Tha_Messiah14.03.2006 13:34
Damn... that thing looks....

.... HUUGE !

Looks good IMO .. GJ

Justblair13.03.2006 16:50
Is this considered a doublepost?

It is on the same principle as the first typhoon I have done, but is an active one, with a different style of heatsink as a donor, a different mounting mechanism and a difo set of results.

Moderator: If it is considered a double post please remove. or combine the posts.

Jipa13.03.2006 14:14
no doubleposts, plz.

Afla12.03.2006 22:35
o.O looks stupid... but it cools good ^^