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Added: 15.03.2006
Other computer HW
Owner: iiK
Country: Finland

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My home network consists at the moment of a D-Link ADSL box, a Wlanrouter and a printserver. I didnt want to have all those manual and driver cd's lying aroun... So the solution was to put evrything on a USB flash memory. Well you cant just have a small thing like that lying around, it's bound to get lost and it looks stupid :)

I found a old toy Mercedes A so i decided to build it in to a storrade unit. The car got a bodykit, new bumpers, new rims, exhausts, a full body decall, the D-Link style roof and ofcourse an 256mb USB memory. The headlights and the neon lights up when the car is plugged to the computers USB slot.

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Rating: 3.41 - Votes: 75

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Legacy16.03.2006 13:40
one f***ing nice mod!It's not new idea but very well done. 5/5

Nathan21916.03.2006 00:39
That is friggin sweet!

Saavik15.03.2006 18:44
It's not a new idea but looks great :) 5/5

Mitsukai15.03.2006 18:40
No new idea...but nice mod! 5/5