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Added: 15.03.2006
Owner: Ilya
Country: Russian Federation

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This is my first mod.

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Rating: 3.26 - Votes: 35

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People like different things so lets keep the comments professional and if possbile encouraging. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't tell what you really feel about the mod but usually that means more than one word.
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2bitwhore17.10.2006 16:05
wow you guys are harsh to someone who said its their first time how good was your first mod?

GJ iiya ya gotta start somewhere

*anonymous*10.04.2006 23:52
All the white keys look a bit boring and clashy with the rest of it. Black or a dark colour similar to the others might be better.

Noxious02018917.03.2006 15:04
I don't like the paint job what so ever...If there was a 0 I would pick that, but since there isn't 1/5. Agreed with Mitsukai

Duke16.03.2006 10:35
Harsh Mitsukai, but yeah a poor effort. A high gloss finish is needed to make it look better.

Mitsukai15.03.2006 18:42
I've seen this before...didn't like it then...dont like it now!!!1/5