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Added: 16.03.2006
Owner: Rafgar
Country: USA

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I've seen a few similar mods with the contact sheet from a keyboard taped down to plexi and thought I could do something cool with the idea. Since I niether need nor want the letters on my keyboard (I usually paint over them), I decided to etch a graphic into the plexi with a knife. I think the dragon turned out quite well. It's a little difficult to use because of the space between the keys, but one gets used to it after a while. These pics are actually from just before it was finished (that's when I was able to borrow a digicam.)

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Rating: 3.41 - Votes: 102

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PAINKILLER28.08.2006 14:39

masterflappie26.06.2006 09:16
sick by night ... but day not so. ;)

Rafgar03.06.2006 08:00
For those who are wanting to know how to do this, it's real simple. First, take apart a normal keyboard (I wouldn't try to use one with any hotkeys, just a cheap one). Pull out the contact sheet (it's below the rubber sheet). Tack that down however you wont on a sheet of plexi with tape or superglue (tape looks bad though) and add the LEDs as normal. I power the LEDs off a weperat USB cable, but you could pull the power from the keyboard's power also. For the etching, just a simple hobby knife and a picture you can trace (or freehand if you're ambitious) on the bottom of the keyboard. I added a pipe underneath it at the top, held on with clear apoxy.

OzFinn29.05.2006 06:38
mnh... its cool but the chord sticking out like that seems kinda stupid

Wolf_modius16.05.2006 21:05
you should put up a guide on how to make that on the modding menu, would be wicked =D

whereami?18.04.2006 05:59
looks sweet but i couldnt type on it lol. i like keys. but dam there are some koo ideas out there.

a-xir15.04.2006 03:22
this looks darn neat ^^

Kriogenic08.04.2006 20:06
Love the mod man looks awesome would like to know how you did it. It looks fantastic definently have to make one of those (try to)

send me an email if your willing to help me out

Email :

and again fantastic work

*anonymous*25.03.2006 13:30
You type on the little white dots (you can see them in the pic I had the flash turned on for). It's almost zero pressure, so it only takes a couple grams of pressure (at most) to type. Basically, you just need to touch the keys.

janne17.03.2006 15:34
Hows the pushing the buttons works?

Noxious02018917.03.2006 15:06
5/5 that is insane. The olny thing I would be concered about like you said is the key spaceing. Nice sketching the dragon

Rafgar17.03.2006 07:36
Thanks. ::-) I'll get some pics of the finished keyboard up when I get a digicam again.

Mitsukai17.03.2006 04:53
Excelent!! 5/5

rainbow717.03.2006 03:13
thats boom can you send in more pics

wooster17.03.2006 02:30
thats cool, i wanna know how to do that............... if you could maybe hit me up on aim at wooster241, thatd be great.