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Added: 17.03.2006
Single case mods
Owner: -k-
Country: Estonia

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This is my key switch mod! In the beginning I thought of just replacing the power switch but I needed something more useful. I turn my PC on and off often, but I don't want to use the key all the time. So what I did was that I made the key switch enable and disable (turn on/off) the main power switch. So when I'm close to the PC I can just leave the power switch on, and when I'm away I can just turn the power switch off so you can't turn the PC on without the key.

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Rating: 3.05 - Votes: 44

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CaffeineBoy23.12.2006 19:32
that's awesome! 4/5. i have the same xblade case, but mine's yellow.

*anonymous*06.05.2006 11:24
I think I may invest in one of these in the future. Your work is very neat.

*anonymous*04.05.2006 15:32
thats sweet as !!! how u do it ?

*anonymous*20.03.2006 19:12 always have key switches

-k-19.03.2006 17:59
Tnx everyone! It didn' t take me that long to make. I got the switch at ebay, it you look around you can find em for really cheap(I got 3 for 10$). If you have any other questions feel free to ask!

Nathan21919.03.2006 09:19
Thats a pretty smart Idea, Where did you get the key-switch at?

Rakien18.03.2006 06:44
Karl, you did a realy nice job on this mod. It looks very clean and profesional. How much time did it take you to make? The only thing missing in my opinion is a nice little keychaine made out of an old processor or some old computer components. ;D

OZzY18.03.2006 05:18
korjaus(oon retardi)
(tarpeeks tyhma ollakseen irrottamatta lukkoa)

OZzY18.03.2006 05:07
Kateva jos joku (tarpeeks tyhma irrottaakseen lukon) tunkeutuu kotiin.
meitsi antaa 5/5 outoudesta.
ok k ,time to get ur finnish-estionian dictionary out :)

Mitsukai17.03.2006 15:54
In other words...a safety-switch!!Well...That was a good idea in the past...and still is a good one today!!I would've installed an alarm that when someone hit the Power switch...and the key wasn't there to de-activate the alarm the PC would just scream the hell off the houses' rooftop!!It's an idea that I probably will explore in the future!!Thanks for reminding me!!5/5

-k-17.03.2006 14:02
Sorry I couldn't upload any images of the front or any better quality images due to an error.