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Added: 19.03.2006
Single case mods
Owner: Vorlo
Country: Finland

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Simple Vorlo sign made with leds. Takes it's power from molex connector.

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Rating: 1.82 - Votes: 45

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jjuussb26.01.2009 22:06
HEI miten oot tehny ton ? miten liittäny sun muuta voitko sendii ohjeet

Foxbat07.06.2007 13:42
Vasted leds..

woot-vorlo01.09.2006 03:53
anyone who doesn't like this shouldn't have looked. I'm sure he worked a while on this and may still be proud of it after the beating.

Jipa11.05.2006 15:54
That's damn horrible.

sinhumane05.05.2006 18:28
agreed.. looks liek a light bright. which now gives me something to do with that micro atx mobo i have laying around... >:D that will be kewl. ill post it when im done!!!

Meh15.04.2006 03:24
Lol, it looks like a LIght-Bright I had when I was a kid

Alpha Delta25.03.2006 03:40
Nearly was sick

dcmodder22.03.2006 21:30
not saying this is bad, it just could have been done better. invest in a ruler and a circle stencil.

O7C21.03.2006 18:48
Trully ghetto. Bad job dude.. 2*

bumsk20.03.2006 12:21
u shudda used one color leds
3 from me