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Added: 21.03.2006
Non-computer related, jokes etc.
Owner: O7C
Country: Lithuania

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DIY Bass guitar picker :)

Few minutes with dremel and sanding paper.

Happy rockin`!

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rota16.10.2008 07:19
damn i thought you were making a tribute to rotarys

Peter B.25.02.2007 22:37
That's amazing! I play the bass guitar too.

What did you make it out of - plexi? How thick is it?

aaaaaaaaaaaaaasd26.07.2006 02:09
thats a bit heavy

O7C23.03.2006 13:08
That last post was for j187 i missed the field. It should be my name in it :D

j18723.03.2006 13:07
Nothing`s unique in nowadays..;)

j18722.03.2006 16:12
i dont believe it i LITERALLY just finished making one! and i thought i was being so unique!!

O7C22.03.2006 10:12
Thanks for your suggestion! I`ll realy try to do that ;)

dcmodder22.03.2006 03:36
do what i did. take some old cds u dont want n e more. stick 2 together with a pic in the middle, cut out the guitar pick shape and thin it down by hand. 4/5 hope it doesnt break