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Added: 23.03.2006
Non-computer related, jokes etc.
Owner: mattcurt
Country: Canada

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2.4 ghz intel pentium d
standard atx motherboard
40 gb hard drive
128 ddr ram

works pretty good easy to transport can get a little hot sometimes but other then that its pretty good looks a little stupid but still works and has a slik and sexy case dont u think?

Admin's comments/notes:
I just had to move this from Case gallery to jokes section. :)

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Rating: 3.28 - Votes: 405

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haha11.12.2011 03:08
hope you dont get your cock stuck in the CD drive

bill24.09.2011 22:51
we are borg

Erededos03.06.2010 04:30
Esto demuestra que la estupidez humana no tiene limites; y este tipo, mas que idiota, es un total inconsciente...

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Deiwea10.10.2009 06:52
Lacko, the processor is a cartridge. It's the thick thing just to the right of the pink printer output.

lacko15.07.2009 23:45
sorry but i dont see the procesor hahahha

Pat17.09.2008 08:02
Duct tape + old electronics + body = fun while drunk.

iBIlwVnphPuYrJki03.08.2008 22:26

Thacrudd26.05.2008 22:17
That's just wrong! I see your hard drive hangs down to your knees lol

voodoolarry13.05.2008 13:59
gets a bit hot after 10 minuits

*anonymous*16.04.2008 17:15
sorry, but this is stupid

Johnthedj15.03.2008 03:07
where's my squirt gun? When I need it?

Alex01.03.2008 21:15
At least you didn't plug it in.

Nice anyway :D

Storm21.02.2008 17:47
A M A Z I N G, this brings the concept of a portable pc to a whole new level. :-D

Big B01.10.2007 06:37
Hey, it gets cold in Canada. Gotta get all the warmth you can!

*anonymous*28.09.2007 04:51
You buy a pc, and don´t buy your clothes ?

*anonymous*24.09.2007 23:06
no mouse or keyboard???

Johnboysid17.09.2007 01:21
F**king... Genius...

Evanroost09.09.2007 06:49
lets see if you can get the girls now?

animal mother18.08.2007 16:59
No mouse? I'll just use the joystick and trackballs

OZ13.08.2007 10:10
Mate you're an idiot

spIros02.08.2007 09:18
What happens when you need to take a slash?

-ecK25.07.2007 03:53
Very Creative! Though I don't think I will try that any time soon.

Load Calc19.07.2007 20:05
Doom meets Mr. Roboto!!!
Can't wait to see your winter collection.

trance17.07.2007 12:02
lol thats amazing, i don't think im brave enof to have 300+ watts circling around my body.

WTF25.06.2007 22:55

jayrecto03.06.2007 14:57
i tried doing this 2 days ago, it was cool

LOL14.04.2007 19:02
thats awsoem 5/5

God23.03.2007 12:56
Buy some clothes man =S, but by the way this is the best mod
i ever have seen.

sirzerty23.03.2007 05:54
Holy crap!
you could play half life on yourself

Grenaomira14.03.2007 04:14
Domo Arigato Mr.Roboto

So... gonna fight evil soon? LoL!! Great idea btw haha

Tupla24.02.2007 22:19
Red_fox look at it closer... it is on :P and btw this is so friggin hilarious idea xD still laughing even thought i have seen this many times :D this is just first time i decided to comment^^

Red_Fox02.01.2007 22:32
the PSU switch is off lmao so who is it working >...?????????? it magic

fragger1007.11.2006 01:50
It reminds me of the borg from Star trek the next gen

kahn-vict19.10.2006 03:31
Wow, is that duck tape on the guys right leg?

wallwager11.10.2006 14:33
haha.. you must be mad

fragstorm12.08.2006 04:52
All you need now is 80 pound back pack full of lithium ion batteries to make this thing feasible, lol
I'l stick with my laptop

fds_alex12.08.2006 00:09
How do you use the bathroom in that thing... and are there issues with cable wedgie?
Funny consept, but smaller divises, if existant, would be better for it.

Bugs04.08.2006 00:07
That has to hurt.

Wearable computers are already being made...

But, for those economically challenged - this might work, though I would use an old laptop or something...

Terminator18.07.2006 04:09
Dude, just be sure and not step in any puddles... ;)

FUJ06.07.2006 14:45
For sure the concept is very interesting, despite of the joke. I really believe it will be available in the near futeure with the proper interfaces of course! I imagine that it shoud have some kind of HUD (head up display) instead a regular monitor, fotovoltaic cells, etc.

Lev19.06.2006 23:08
robo-biatch :D

Foamator19.06.2006 22:09
You mean "Robo-sexy", right?


max19.06.2006 04:15
it would be sick if this thing had a HUD (heads up display) i bet you could mod one out of a plastic police uniform helmet (the fake halloween kind with the visor), and a small lcd.
You'd be looking like robocop, or robogeek, whichever you prefer. lol

max19.06.2006 04:13
awww mannnn com on, put some pants on lol

JumalazZ12.05.2006 00:49
heheh ei jumalauta :)

Mr.No No09.05.2006 08:55
I'd like to know where you put the floppy...:)

Foamator07.05.2006 20:45
If I were you, I'd choose an LCD monitor, so it's easier to strap on your back.

OR.. get an OLED one.. or even better, get an OLED tatoo on your chest or back or something, and use that as a screen.

Nice. 5/5, of course.

sainigma28.04.2006 20:07

xeba19.04.2006 22:20
siis toi kovo tos reides on kyl paras. en tiiä miks ;) 5/5

Kramne19.04.2006 10:22
you are nuts ;)

You are my new hero! :D

whereami?19.04.2006 01:34
wow. that is all i have to say

_Hz18.04.2006 08:25
Komia kotelo sulla:D:D:D:D

Nice case you have:D:D:D:

Jumaliste15.04.2006 11:30
OMG :) Hulluja nää roomalaiset :)

ErCCa^^10.04.2006 21:30
ahhahh thats funny!!! i like this wery much :P good joke :D

Adam31.03.2006 17:13
yeah they did

"Freddy Krueger 23.03.2006 15:39
Mistäköhän näkee ettei oo päällä? Emon ATX-poweri liitin ei ole paikallaan.

Obviously not switched on ATX connector to motherboard aint connected!

Bh42031.03.2006 14:32
Actually the bigg no one commented on was the fact the ATX power supply connector isnt even attached to the board.....

Mr grumf31.03.2006 00:38
Ha ha ha ha ha nice work

phewnix31.03.2006 00:24
sexyä :P

Mike29.03.2006 05:06
Is the electricity getting to you at all lol ? Is the keyboard strapped around your back or something ?

*anonymous*25.03.2006 13:39
At least I'll bet no one touches your computer.

Trench25.03.2006 12:04
Now that's interfacing! But needs a third nipple for ctrl-alt-del !!! Great joke!

VDBSYS25.03.2006 10:25
Krafwerk's man machine.
Nice idea and nice joke.


Duke25.03.2006 04:32
lol nice floppy.

I doubt it's comfortable to wear with the solder lugs on the PCBs :p

Gives a new name to the word BareBones

Compujon24.03.2006 18:20
I wonder how far the CD retracts? ;)

Mitsukai24.03.2006 15:42
This is the stupidest thing I've ever saw in this site!!1/5

Sinhumane24.03.2006 10:23
Man.. thank god this kid doesnt have body hair to begin with.. *shivers* ... i hate duct tape.. but i cant live without it. i should dress litk that next halloween. just hope it isnt cold.

sally23.03.2006 22:40

Opelrun23.03.2006 20:07
Nice, if is working, but that is miserable feak. Motherboard power connector not used !

puliukk023.03.2006 19:54
oisit saanu 4/5 mut ei toi oo ees päällä joten 1/5 :D

SWeed23.03.2006 17:31
WTF 1/5

;esanen23.03.2006 17:14
Is this another of those sick fetishes? :D

It's kinda... Handy and a cool way to dress 4/5

kuppazki23.03.2006 16:48
And... This mod, infact, is in the _jokes_ section. 4/5 for the duct tape.

*anonymous*23.03.2006 16:00
ai ku sä oot viisas ja miks sen pitäis olla päällä

Freddy Krueger23.03.2006 15:39
Mistäköhän näkee ettei oo päällä? Emon ATX-poweri liitin ei ole paikallaan.

Obviously not switched on ATX connector to motherboard aint connected!

Jep23.03.2006 15:31
Mistäs juuzo tiedät ettei ole päällä? -7/5. Get a job!

Juuzo_9123.03.2006 14:21
its not even on. power fan doesn`t roll
eli ei toi oo ees päällä ku virtalähteen tuuletin ei pyöri.

PC23.03.2006 10:50
that one's a really personal computer .

boy man23.03.2006 10:17
Halooo... Are you craizy with your body you make cable. Ih geli gua . Sory Bye with me

Zomak23.03.2006 08:52
btw.. do not lie to us. that aint P4 CPU youre having there :( its either AMD Athlon Slot A or some kind of Slot1 Intel ;/

N523.03.2006 08:41
Man-puter. a new lan party classic.

mabie you should get a lady-fan to model it?

TY23.03.2006 08:23
That is one crazy mod... I wonder if it's comfortable at all!?!?