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Added: 24.03.2006
Other computer HW
Owner: Alks
Country: Finland

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Laitoin 6600 GT:lle pienen siilin. Kuvissa on myŲs vanha 5600 Ultra isolla siilellš.

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Rating: 2.39 - Votes: 23

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Alks11.03.2007 13:35
Poltin ton s*atanan 6600 Gt:n kun tuuletin simahti :D

Jone09.01.2007 15:33
luulis jäähtyvän :D

Justblair26.03.2006 12:56
I like it. Are you overclocking the card? If not I would suggest running it passive. With that much heatsink it would very possibly run without the fan.

This is the kind of experimental tecnical modding that requires more imagination and more thought.

I also happen to know from experiance that heatsinks can be a pain to cut, you appear to have done a neat job. 4/5

Duke25.03.2006 04:42
Is quite ugly, but hey, I guess it's better than stock cooling.

And it's only a 6600 and 5600 being void of warranty lol

*anonymous*25.03.2006 01:10

*anonymous*24.03.2006 23:04
Nii siis vakiokellot on 500/900. Sinne voi varmaan kevyesti laittaa +600/+1.1Ghz.

Alks24.03.2006 23:02
Toi vie kyllä vaan 2 pci paikkaa. Vakiokelloilla mennään toistaseks lämmöt ytimellä 38-45. Ei tarvii tukia toi on vielä kevyt verrattuna tohon vanhaan 5600:seen.

jipa24.03.2006 22:46
Who said that's heavy or noisy? there are no "ugly" cooler, it's just opinions.

Mitsukai24.03.2006 22:17
I didn't understand a thing you said...but one thing is for sure!!...a Zalman would probably do that cooling job and not so ugly, heavy and noisy!!

Jipa24.03.2006 19:49

Dude24.03.2006 19:08
nyt jäi kiinnostaa kuika kuumana tuo käy? :) saakos miten kelloja lisättyä? ootkos aattellu laittaa mitä tuki systeemiä tolle ettei vaan väänny kortti paskaks? 4/5

Router24.03.2006 17:30
Interesting !

kone24.03.2006 16:28
vie 3-4 pci-paikkaa:)