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Added: 26.03.2006
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I saw the other pics of mint tin lights, so I thought I'd post mine. To do it used a 9v battery. then drilled holes for 6 LEDs in the top, and for a switch. To put the LEDs in i shrinkwrapped each end and threaded the wire through to the next hole. There are two parallel sets of 3 sequential LEDs.

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Stiggan03.06.2008 14:14
As someone wrote before... Diodes are not lamps, besides with a scheme like that I would personally used 2 resistors to force the load to be splitted equally. If I had seen 2 resistors in that scheme it would have been a 5/5... now it's a vague 1/5 + recomendation to read up on what a diode actually is, and in what way LED diodes differ from diodes which doesn't emmitt light. I'll give you a little help, read this and take special care at the physical function part, and maybe you will realise why you want that resistor.

Wolf_modius15.08.2006 20:47
the power of the 9v battery shared by six LED's will not make them short out, nice one! 5/5

Bugs04.08.2006 00:00
A single LED needs a 1000-ohm resistor wired in series if connected to a 9-volt battery, the resistor limits the current and prevents the LED from burning out. However a series of multiple LEDs can be connected to a 9v battery in place of using a resistor. Check the voltage rating of the LEDs you are using and use enough LED to add up to just over 9V.

Jesse17.04.2006 11:41
Usually u would bought a flashlight.

x28.03.2006 17:37
yea, but only if there is a greater voltage input than resistance right? a system can be stable with 9v resistance and 9v direct current input right? what would be gained by adding non-light emitting diodes and resistors?

emerson27.03.2006 22:42
LIGHT EMITTING DIODE--and it still works without resistors, but the LEDs will probably burn out or melt

x27.03.2006 15:25
and LED is a resistor isn't it? Hence the 3V resistance of each LED? I dont get whats not finished about it unliving. if it works, it works.

unliving27.03.2006 01:25
so that means the project is it when it`s finished...2/5

*anonymous*27.03.2006 00:30
it isn't turned on cause diodes without resistor(s) can make the battery explode.
Some of us can't see the difference in diode and light bulp.

adam26.03.2006 22:37
....why isn't it turned on...