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Added: 27.03.2006
Single case mods
Owner: X-Cruiser
Country: Canada

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The case aspires X-Cruiser came with a small blue fan on back. me I put a fan of 120 mm to replace it. I have put the small 80mm to front. The case came with a blue duck then it is already one more. I changed my IDE cable for a round transparent blue, I changed my sata cable for a blue instead of a red and to finish I placed a blue neon at the bottom for much of light. Sorry for my bad English

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Rating: 3.02 - Votes: 40

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Poops McGee01.06.2007 04:45
Yeah, man, not much of a mod. I have this case and mine looks better and I only have the mobo and psu in it so far. Granted the psu has green sleeving and that glows a little bit in the light. You need some better wire management, too. You can't call yourself a modder if you have wires (unsleeved for that matter) running through the center of your case. Like those ones that go right in front of the drive bays, seriously, zip tie those in the back where there's not a window.

*anonymous*06.05.2006 11:28
Could use a wee bit of sleeving on the clables.

Afla09.04.2006 20:30
Why u dont use 120 mm fan... i think 120mm is better than 80 mm..

Samuel04.04.2006 16:57
Nice radio shack computer

stebenwulf27.03.2006 17:16
U got nice x800se-td from msi in there ^^

Duke27.03.2006 12:23
What neon? It looks like most of the light is coming from the fans.

*anonymous*27.03.2006 07:30
Looks ok, but what's the mod? Form wat i see it's replacing cables with new pre-moded cables. Well i suppose u could count the neon as a mod...