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Added: 28.03.2006
Single case mods
Owner: Henkka
Country: Finland

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Päätin tässä tehdä yhden illan "hianon moodauksen" Nimittäin niin kuin kuvista näkyy tein kakkos koneeseeni intergroidut kajarit ja testauksen jälkeen todettu, että hyvin toimii...

Admin's comments/notes:
Upgraded the PC beeper with something more powerfull. :)

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Rating: 2.54 - Votes: 35

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Pie28.03.2007 16:27
I bet those are pluged into the sound card...

j18711.05.2006 01:31
to be fair this website is originally finnish, and japalakakaka often translates for us english speakers, so i think he is well within his rights to speak in his native tounge.

if i ever mod my beeper i'm gonna make it play the firt few bars of 'toccata and fugue', or maybe the darth vader song off start wars. 'dooo doo dooo da de dooo da de dooo'

quiksilver29.04.2006 19:01
I have only one question:
What's the purpes of upgradeing already very annoyng beeper???

Henkka02.04.2006 12:37
"Text for the post. Use only English or Finnish!"
I used FINNISH. Ok... Next time i will use English and Finnish.. >;E... if you're so lazy that you can't use a dictionary.. >;EEEE

*anonymous*01.04.2006 18:08
let's think, if it's not the beeper it's probably integrated speakers. And Henkka, with the amount of words u told us to look that stuff up in a dictionary u could hav told us wat this is about. so if u don't want people to know wat u did why did u even post it? and if u don't bother to explain then u hav no right to get pissed at people who don't get it:Less and less people in this world think logically:(

Mitsukai01.04.2006 08:45
Henkka...if you're so bothered by our words...maybe you should try to explain your mod in english (since you know how to speak english)...for everyone to understand your mod!! In case you haven't realised...the majority of the people over here doesn't speak finish!!

So It's your fault, not ours, that we dont know what the hell is that (in my case, I went for the admin's word...he said it was an upgraded PC beeper...I believed it)!! Besides are quite unfair with the rest of us that commented your mod...because you didn't explain to us what the hell that is!!

mizhull31.03.2006 09:49
juu kovot jos on enää ehjät niin ne alkaa varmaan olla jo formatoidut....
nimimerkillä kokemusta on...
ei ollu kivaa vaihtaaa alle vuoden vanhoja kovoja...
meni ihan sököks...=(

Henkka30.03.2006 20:57
For your information, those are not beepers >;E use this finnish to english dictionary if you wanna know what's the use for those!!!!( Yes, I was lazy when I wrote that but don't wrote anything if you don't know what this is all about!!! >;E

Hso30.03.2006 11:08
lol... i had one of those speaker thingies in my old (and dead) compaq pc.. i removed it from the case yesterday.. thinking about a *very cheap* mod for the old comp.. no idea what, yet :P

Ratman29.03.2006 21:58
Its kinda fun... but like seal broken says.. i hate the sound of the bip( i even took it away from my pc )

tollo peloton29.03.2006 21:44
Mut ootteko kokeilleet miten voimakas magneetti on kovon sisässä?
Noi kajareiden magneetit on leluja niihin verrattuna...

Rei Negishi29.03.2006 17:32
A soundfile would be interesting. Wanna listen to your new "bip" XD

drazah29.03.2006 12:33
itsellänikin on samanlainen kotelo työnalla...

Noi kajarit on Compaqin magneettisuojatut vakiokajarit, joita tulee tossa kotelossa takaseinään asennettuna yksi.
En usko, että tulee ongelmia kovojen kanssa.

Duke29.03.2006 09:27
It could be a mod for someone with a hearing impairment. In that case I give it 5/5.. provided the beeps still work.

pelle peloton29.03.2006 07:33
kannattaa ottaa noi kajarit pois koska niissä on iso mangeetti ne muuttaa kovosta o-1 paikkoja ja sitte sekoo oon testannu sitte piti formatoida kovo

T:pelle peloton

seal.broken29.03.2006 05:28
I hate the bip sound lol not a good idea lol

Mitsukai28.03.2006 23:42
And what's the point of having a more powerfull beeper??More noise?? Useless mod!!1/5

wolffi28.03.2006 23:14
Eipä taida noilla kajareilla hajota kovot...

Stebenwulf28.03.2006 22:11
Ja kohta hajjoo ne kovalevyyyt