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Added: 29.03.2006
Other computer HW
Owner: Series^
Country: Finland

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Made a tunnel cooler for my upcoming aluminum case mod:

took an 7x7cm Glacialtech Igloo 2410 sink and fan, added a box Athlon 64 7x7cm cooler, hooked em up with Fanmate2 and they both run exremely quiet at ~5 volts.

My Duron 1600mhz @ 2220mhz is quite a heater, and the glacialtech alone could not cool it enough with the case closed, after this mod, the cpu runs cooler than with just a single fan, no more lockups ;)

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Rating: 3.38 - Votes: 40

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Håvard13.12.2006 20:12
Nice idea
try to put in some leds or neon.


5/5 if u put in a neon light

Series^17.08.2006 09:44
The fans run smooth and silent at 5 volts, my HDD makes so much noise that it is impossible to hear the fans :)

slickness25.06.2006 08:22
sweet its good, I'd change one thing if i were you. Not those type of fans, cuz they tend to crap out early and are louder.

but great job on it, great OC

Adobe30.03.2006 18:52
thats a really good idea... add some leds to it to make it more pretty i should say

Series^30.03.2006 08:50
Its actually 3 pieces of thin plexiglass(not from a CD case ;)) strapped together until the glue has dried. I chose the fans because they were the most quiet ones I had on both 5 and 12 volts. I forgot to include a pic of it with the motherboard, heres a link to the shots with the board:

and as you can see, it fits ;)

Mitsukai30.03.2006 00:13
Nice idea!!4/5 (those fans are not the ones I would put)

sinhumane29.03.2006 22:46
is that just thin plastic? looks liek its from a cd case. might use maybe aluminum on one, if you make another, better heat dissapation., prolly just cut up some pop cans.
btw, great idea! i might make one of these for myself.
*leaves to go scavenge a few cans*