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Added: 18.04.2006
Non-computer related, jokes etc.
Owner: wiwwe
Country: Finland

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cool jopo

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Rating: 2.92 - Votes: 25

1. Only comments please. More technical questions etc. should be directed to MetkuMods forums.
2. Using vulgar or abusive language, cursing or swearing is prohibited! Lets try to keep this clean.
3. Comments in ENGLISH and FINNISH ONLY! Anything else will be deleted.
4. Unique or not, I like to see the mod. "Seen that" etc. posts will be deleted.
5. Comments that comment about other comments will get com... deleted!

People like different things so lets keep the comments professional and if possbile encouraging. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't tell what you really feel about the mod but usually that means more than one word.
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????????10.01.2007 22:01
ruma mopo, eiku JOPO

Nobo07.01.2007 11:59
Tääs yksi jopo pilattu maalamalla 0

Jonttupeke04.12.2006 19:50
Mistäs Todi vetää virrat.. :P

aaaatu11.08.2006 16:05
nuo karvathan kuluu aivan nuhruiseksi kun ovat kaikki paikoissa joiden pitäisi kestää kulutusta. Sateen jälkeen myös hanskat pysyvät varmasti kuivana kun ottaa kädensijoista kiinni..

djsepi03.08.2006 01:30
toi jopo rokkaa!!!!

*anonymous*12.07.2006 23:16
aika nolo

drinn20.04.2006 14:57
Jopot on kyl

*anonymous*19.04.2006 21:46
nyt on kyl jopo raiskattu ;D
laita karvaa noihin vanteihin viel!

dcmodder19.04.2006 02:24
i'm doing the same thing with my car. except with 4 wheels... and no fur. but i can understand b4 i had my car i rode my bike everywhere. 4/5 for the pimp fur (pimp fur like fur that a pimp would have not pimp fur like cool fur)

Mitsukai18.04.2006 21:41
Pimping your ride...! hehehe