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Added: 21.04.2006
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: vnrk
Country: Finland

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Here's my room where I sit all day long 24/7. Airflow in my case is very ideal with the "testbench" and the huge fan. Best room where I have ever been in :). Hope you like it !

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Rating: 2.65 - Votes: 17

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SWeed25.04.2006 18:38
jep jep. kiva Bongi :)

vnrk24.04.2006 14:52
Egyptistä ostin lomalla. Ite en kyllä polttele mut iha nätti "koristeena" :D

unnamed-24.04.2006 09:32
Kiva bongi tilasikko hempsteristä? :F

unnamed22.04.2006 16:47
nice bong you have there!

bumsk22.04.2006 11:03
split up the pics next time

Mitsukai22.04.2006 11:01
Well, in that case, may I suggest to you to buy an aluminium make a switcase PC mod?? with the case lid open, you wouldn't have problems about the tweaking...and when it's time for lan simply closed the lid and carry the PC in you hand!! least...that was what I would do!!

vnrk22.04.2006 02:29
That 24/7 is more of an joke you know...But it's much more better to have my hw in the bench because of all the tweaking I do. One thing sucks. When it's time to go lanpartying it's kinda trikky :)

Mitsukai22.04.2006 00:53
You should've come out more, man!!

HandsomeDan21.04.2006 22:11
That's a LOT of airflow; but don't you worry about exposure to the elements? I know I would be.... That's REALLY open.