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Added: 23.04.2006
Single case mods
Owner: xxKBxx
Country: USA

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I wanted to do something quick and easy so I took a 12 inch blue LED strip intended for a car, took it out of it's tube, and wired it into a molex connector.

The light had different flashing settings controlled by a switch, but I had no place to run a switch to on the computer. As a result, I soldered it into my reset button (Pic 1, the soldered wire, Pic 2, the Reset Button on the front)

Pic 3 show the case lit up with the blue bar - I wanted a low effect since I have two other cold cathodes in there (turned off for this pic) that light up the room.

Also, the cables are messy because I recently installed some temp gauges in the empty 5.25 bays (shown in Pic 4)


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Rating: 2.47 - Votes: 15

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*anonymous*31.05.2006 11:18
Oh yeah, and by the way, buy yourself some tiwraps (however they spell that stupid word), and redo the cables - they're a mess.

*anonymous*31.05.2006 11:17
Well done! A pic of the case as a whole would be nice, since you only posted detail-shots. But i must say those temperature meters look really slick.

quiksilver29.04.2006 18:55
Don't like the temperature displays! Cool idea but too cheep!
And they took a lot of space.
Do something with the cables...
Keep up...

xxKBxx25.04.2006 04:52
Yeah, it wasn't pleasing me all the way - so I mod'ed my mod - look for it coming up on here

*anonymous*24.04.2006 19:18
cable mess...

slam24.04.2006 18:07
that is quite cool but something missing there but donĀ“t know
what. it just looks unfinished.