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Added: 25.04.2006
Single case mods
Owner: nismo299
Country: Sweden

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This is a simple mod i made.
first i cut a window in it then I added 2 10mm ultra blue leds it's the only thing that lights this case up (except the fan)
then I added a fan that i have painted beige (yes im bringing beige to a whole new level ;P)
and i have also drilled and put 2 red leds in the fan and this time it's all powered from molex.

And yes i'm not that steady with a cam sorry...

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Rating: 3.41 - Votes: 127

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nismo29922.05.2006 23:07
i don't know from what year this case is from but on the mobo it says IBM© USA 2001.
5 years old lol

j18711.05.2006 01:23
ooh you people! dont you know beige is the new black? class mod on a 'flat' case, you dont see that very often. 5/5

HandsomeDan04.05.2006 01:17
Nice work; it looks good. I would suggest painting it; but if you do, go with something other than black; you put a lot of work and originality in, you want to keep it from looking generic. 4/5, great, but seems missing something.

dcmodder28.04.2006 19:00
woah old case. my school had these back when i was in high school and they've gotten new one's since then so you know this case is old... n e ways it looks really doog so m'i giving u a doog erocs 5/4 :-P

N527.04.2006 11:59
no prob nismo, and the score is well deserved.

maximyuryev27.04.2006 02:46
i like it . looks cool 4/5

jon26.04.2006 22:07
i have a same computer!

nismo29926.04.2006 22:01
maybe I will do that n5 thanks for the tip and thanks for the score everyone :D

Rafgar26.04.2006 21:05
Heh, I have one of those cases. I've been trying to figure out what to do with it for months. This one looks nice, but I think I'll do something different with idea what yet. Anyway, nice job. I'd have done something with that CD drive, as N5 said, but still very nice. 4/5.

Erik26.04.2006 18:14
i like ur modding style Nismo299 keep working

Mitsukai26.04.2006 15:35
very preaty...but you should paint that case!!


N526.04.2006 07:00
For some reason I like the styling of early 90's machines. I would personally put some graphic, paper, etc over the psu/cdrom area. Beige isn't for everyone, but if you like it that's what matters. 4